Social Snacks Episode 7: A Review of Simple Live Press for Blab

Review of Simple Live Press - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 7: A Review of Simple Live Press for Blab

Are you using live-streaming video services such as Blab?

Would you like to turn your Blab episodes into blog posts?

This way you can include links to items you mentioned on your Blab and create additional value for your blog readers.

Often, this can be a time-consuming process though, especially if you're a solopreneur.

It takes time to host your Blab and also to write a blog post.

Fortunately, there's a new tool for Blab called Simple Live Press that can help speed up this process.

In this article, we'll give you a review of Simple Live Press, a WordPress plugin.

This way you can start taking your Blab episodes and turning them into written posts to attract more readers and help grow your following on Blab!

What is Simple Live Press?

Simple Live Press is a WordPress plugin built by Hani Mourra.

What it let's you do is automatically publish your Blab replays directly to your WordPress site.

This means no more extra steps once you finish your Blab!

Instead, you simply install the Simple Live Press WordPress plugin, connect your Blab channel, and it can automatically import your Blab's when new episodes become available.

In addition to being able to publish your Blab video episodes to your website, Simple Live Press also let's your readers:

  • Listen to the audio version of your Blab
  • Follow you on Blab
  • Join your email list
  • And more...
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I've had a chance to spend some time with this tool. Here's my review of Simple Live Press.

A Review of Simple Live Press


 Transcription Services by GMR Transcription

For those of you who have used Blab, it's very easy to take your recorded Blab episodes and upload them to your blog.

They provide you with the embed code to include your Blab on your website.

Blab email with the embed code

After you finish your Blab, you'll get an email with the embed code and files

For most of use though, we don't have extra time to create this new content.

This is where Simple Live Press is really handy.

Publishing Settings

You can have the WordPress plugin automatically import your Blab episodes (even past episodes) and create and publish new blog posts on your site.

Simple Live Press - Publishing settings


Customizable Buttons

In addition to automatically publishing your Blab episodes, you can also include various call-to-action buttons below your Blab.

Simple Live Press - Player Settings

Here are some of the types of buttons you can include in Simple Live Press.

  • Listen to the audio version of Blab
  • Follow you on Blab
  • Access bonus materials/blog posts
  • Join a Facebook Page or Facebook Group
  • Integrate LeadBoxes by LeadPages
  • And so on

You can also create up to six additional custom buttons as well.

These can be anything you want to include related to your Blab episode.

We found this to be very useful!


Grow Your Email List

Simple Live Press also has the ability to grow your email list.

You can include an opt-in box below your Blab.

They integrate with many popular email service providers such as: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft and LeadPages.

Simple Live Press - Email Optin Settings

Display Blab Viewers and Comments

One last feature that really makes Simple Live Press very useful is that you can take the comments from your Blab and display those in the comments on your blog.

In addition, anyone who was on your Blab will have their name displayed with your Blab.

If you were to embed Blab using the code provided by Blab, you wouldn't get this information.

Here's an example of what this looks like using Simple Live Press.

Simple Live Press - Blab Users

Remember, any comments that were made on your Blab will also get added to the blog post that is created with Simple Live Press.

Simple Live Press Pricing

Simple Live Press is moderately priced.

Right now, you can get it for $47 for a single site license.

Give the amount of time it will save and the more content (and value) it can help you add for your tribe, it's well worth it.

Here's a look at other pricing options that they offer.
Simple Live Press Pricing

Final Thoughts

Many of you are already using Blab for business.

When you add Simple Live Press, it can help save you time and also perform additional duties such as growing your Blab following and your email list.


  • Create more value for your readers
  • Grow your email list
  • Save time in your business
  • Easy setup and installation


  • Can take time to update past Blab episodes you import
  • Only supports Blab


I hope you enjoyed this review of Simple Live Press, a WordPress plugin for Blab.

It's an extremely valuable tool for Blab that we highly recommend.

Not only does it make creating new content from your Blab episodes very easy, we love that you can introduce your readers who aren't familiar with Blab yet and even grow your email list in the process!

If you're on Blab, don't hesitate to follow us.

We're looking forward to seeing how Simple Live Press evolves and if they support other tools such as Meerkat or Periscope in a future update.

If you have any additional questions on Simple Live Press, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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Christian Karasiewicz Founder, Social Chefs Founder and CEO of Social Chefs, a digital marketing agency. I host two shows, #SocialChatter, the industries longest running social media marketing talk show and Social Snacks, 5 minute or less social media marketing tutorials.

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  • Awesome video Christian! Thanks for creating this. I’m the creator of this #blab automation tool so if anyone has any questions about the plugin, drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

    • Thanks @hanimourra:disqus. Loving the plugin. Overall, I think it’s very useful if you use Blab. Keep up the great work!

    • We enjoyed learning about Simple Live Press @hanimourra:disqus. We’re really excited about being able to include call-to-action buttons underneath each Blab. Any chance you all are considering adding the ability to have separate buttons for each Blab?

      Almost like a default for all of them, but then within each post, provide controls to let users customize them?