8 Ways to Use Blab for Business to Build Deeper Engagement

Blab for business

8 Ways to Use Blab for Business to Build Deeper Engagement

Do you struggle with finding enough time to create new content for your business?

Maybe you don’t think you’re a good writer, but you’ve heard blogging can help your business.

Or you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to answer customer support questions?

Have you consider adding live-streaming video tools such as Blab to your business?

Live-streaming can be a valuable asset that can help your business if you find you’re short on time.

In this article, you’ll discover eight ways to use Blab for business.

A Quick Introduction About Blab

Wondering what Blab is? It’s a live-streaming platform that enables a public video chat among four participants at a time.

Example of a Blab

To get started, all you need is the Blab app or you can Blab from your desktop and a topic.

If you need a tutorial on using the Blab interface, check out this complete guide.

In the meantime, let’s look at some ways you can use Blab in your business.

8 Ways to Use Blab for Business

1. Announce new products

Blab for a product launch or announcement

Image via Daniel Ebersole

Want to hold your own event like Apple?

You don’t need a big budget or lots of spectacle and lights.

Instead, you can use Blab.

You’ll be able to leverage your businesses audience on social media, leading up to the big reveal.

If you do plan to announce a new product, you can setup a pre-order page to capitalize on the buzz you’ll generate.

2. In-place of blogging

One of the biggest challenges most businesses face is that they don’t have enough time to generate enough content.

This is where using Blab for business can really help!

Instead of spending hours writing a blog post, only to have a handful of people read it.

You can turn your blog ideas into a video chat.

This way you can have a live discussion with viewers and answer any questions that come up during the chat.

Because Blab’s can be recorded, if you decide you want to create a blog post, you can also embed your recorded Blab and add it to your post.

3. Customer support

Blab for customer support

Image via Pavan Trikutam

Does your business get a lot of the same questions?

Instead of answering the same questions over and over, your business can create a Blab where you address customer support questions.

Because your video chat is recorded, you can give each of your customer service team a list of Blab’s that address these questions.

This way they can share them with customers when they get asked about them.

If you want to take it a step further, create a resource page for your business along with an entry on each question.

This way you’ll be able to improve the speed in which you answer customer support questions.

4. Replace a webinar

Host a blab

Another example of how your business can use Blab is for webinars.

Webinar usage is on-the-rise. In 2015, 35% of webinars integrated social media applications.
Did you know that Blab already does this though!

With Blab, you’re essentially holding a live webinar. You could say you’re holding a blabinar!

You can blab from your desktop or mobile device.

You also don’t have the high costs or challenges with installing plugins just to run your webinar.

Simply create your own Blab and share the URL. It’s that easy!

5. Become a thought leader

Another way to use Blab for business is to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Maybe you want to discuss a particular topic? For example, in a recent Blab, my friends discussed the importance of relationship sales, marketing and customer support. You can view their Blab below.

In your own business, think about some of the topics you’re known for (or want to be known for) and consider creating your own Blab where you share your knowledge about this topic.

6. For podcasts

Turn your Blab into a podcast

Did you know, when you create your own Blab, you get your own unique embed code, downloadable audio and video.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for your business, why not use your Blab content for this.

Simply download you file and upload it to your podcast hostI. I recommend using Libsyn for this.

By turning your Blab into a podcast, you’re not having to record the same session multiple times.

Record once, and use it in many places!

7. Hold breakout sessions at events

Blab for training

Image via Samuel Zeller

Another creative way to use Blab for business is to hold breakout sessions at an event.

For example, let’s say you presented on a topic and you want to hold a training session to address this in more detail.

You could start a blab and bring together your audience that’s in the room with you as well as your online audience.

8. Weekly updates

At Social Chefs, we’re also using Blab to share weekly social media updates with our audience.

You can take this concept and adapt it to your industry.


These are just some of the ways to use Blab for business.

What’s great about Blab is that there aren’t really any rules on how you use it in your business.

If you can think of a viable way in which it will work in your business, I suggested you create your own Blab and test it out to see what kind of traction you get. For some business, you may need to run a few Blabs before you start seeing results.

Just a quick reminder, once you’ve decided on how you plan to use Blab for your business, don’t forget to notify the people on your email list as well.

This can be a great way to not only increase viewership, but also convert your email subscribers to Blab users!

Besides the ideas I shared on using Blab for business, can you think of any other ways you plan to use Blab to help grow your own business?

Share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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