Social Chatter Episode 253: Facebook Chat Plugin, Helping Your Business Reach More Customers

Social Chatter Episode 253: Facebook Chat Plugin, Reach New Customers - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 253: Facebook Chat Plugin, Helping Your Business Reach More Customers

Welcome to the 253rd episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show. We cover the latest social media news from this past week, including the Facebook Chat Plugin, WhatsApp's Search the Web, LivePigeon, ShiftScreen and more.

  • Facebook Messenger is updating the Facebook Chat Plugin, a free tool to help your business connect with non-Facebook customers from your website.
  • Instagram officially rolled out Instagram Reels, their TikTok clone.
  • WhatsApp is testing a search the web, a feature to help verify whether the assertions made in messages are true.
  • Use LivePigeon to schedule pre-recorded videos as a live video.
  • New tool: ShiftScreen will let you use your iPhone or iPad as a second screen.

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If you missed the last episode of our social media marketing talk show, we discussed Instagram shops.

Let's see what's new in social media this week with, Christian Karasiewicz, Jim Fuhs, and Scott Ayres from Agorapulse.

Social Chatter: Social Media Marketing Talk Show - Episode 253



Facebook Chat Plugin, A Free Way to Connect With Visitors On Your Website

Do you have customers who frequently contact you through your website?

This week, Facebook updated their free Facebook Chat Plugin to help your business reach more people (even if they aren't on Facebook).

With the revamped Facebook Chat Plugin, people can talk to your business from youe website without being logged into Facebook.

Businesses are able to kick off conversations, bring a personal touch to the online shopping experience, and build lasting relationships with customers.


Why A Facebook Chat Plugin For Messenger Matters For Your Business

Your business wants to make it as easy for customers and non-customers to contact you. Keep in mind that not every visitor is at the same stage of the sales funnel and some users might have questions.

With the enhanced Facebook Chat plugin, both existing customers and non-customers who stumble across your content can get in touch with you in a seamless manner.

While you can install other chat plugins such as HubSpot, Intercom, Live Chat, Zendesk, Zoho and many others on your website, they don't integrate as well as the Facebook Chat plugin does.

In addition, Facebook provides a host of resources to help your business set up the chat plugin on your website, which can save you time and help effortlessly bridge your website with your Facebook Page, while making it easy for visitors to your website to reach you.

Businesses with a Facebook Page can install the free Chat Plugin on their website with just a few clicks in Facebook Page settings or via our partners such as WooCommerce, ManyChat, and Haravan. Businesses can also visit the Facebook for Business website to get more information on how to grow their business with Facebook, including new products such as the Business Inbox in Messenger and Facebook Shops.

Keep in mind that people who visit your website won't have to be logged in to Facebook to use the Facebook Chat plugin.

Overall, customers, non-customers and your business stands to benefit with the Facebook Chat plugin installed. It provides a seamless way to stay connected.


Other Social Media News Mentioned

Here are some additional social media news topics that we covered on our weekly live social media marketing talk show that are worth checking out.


Social Media Myths For Businesses

We talked with Scott Ayres from Agorapulse about busting social media myths.

To learn about what other myths that his team is busting, check out his show.


What Is A Common Social Media Myth People Think Is True?

The Facebook Boost button is a common social media myth for your Facebook business Page.

It’s a quick way to run an ad from an existing post on your page. But, is it costing you more money than it should be?

The Social Media Lab from Agorapulse ran a test and these are the results that they came up with.

  • Boosted 2 different posts on the Agorapulse page directing traffic to a blog post
  • Ran 2 ads inside Facebook Ads Manager directing traffic to the same blog posts and with the same ad copy
  • $750 spent boosting, $750 spent on Ads Manager
  • Targeted English-speaking users only in the US, UK, Australia and Canada
  • Targeted social media related interests

These are the results that they came up with when running Facebook Ads versus using the boost post button.

The ads run via Facebook Ads Manager outperformed boosted posts on all three categories:

  • 17.28% more clicks
  • 64.26% higher Reach
  • 18.42% lower CPC

The Boost button is a great option if you’re just getting started running ads or have a small budget, but lacks granular targeting and the ability to control ad placement.


Should Small Business Owners Bust Their Own Myths?

  • Yes, your business should try and bust social media myths. Don't just take it at face value.
  • Scott’s advice is to see what “experts” in social media marketing are talking about and trying those tactics on your accounts.
  • Keep in mind that for an organic test to be valid you’ll need to commit to at least 6 weeks of testing, with multiple occurrences of that post type during that time.
  • Most businesses draw conclusions too quick after just a few posts and don’t get a big enough data set to draw proper conclusions.

In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.



LivePigeon, Publish Pre-Recorded Videos As Live Videos

The first tool that we have for you this week is LivePigeon.

Do you want to make the transition to live video, but lack the time?

One way you can publish pre-recorded videos as a live video is to make them a Facebook Premiere. This only allows you to publish them to your Facebook Page though.

With LivePigeon, you can automate your content, while taking your time back (live video can eat up hours of your time), be in two places at once by scheduling your pre-recorded videos, and appear as if you are going live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

Videos uploaded through LivePigeon will appear like they are live.

Here is a look at how LivePigeon works.


LivePigeon will help you broaden your exposure across your social media channels, while helping you reclaim more time to work on growing your business.

Prices start at just $1 per minute. You can also subscribe for 1-month for $15. There are no contracts.

Turn your pre-recorded videos into a live video



Shiftscreen - Use Your Monitor As A Second Screen

The second tool that we have for you this week is Shiftscreen.

Do you need to extend your iPhone or iPad to a second screen?

With Shiftscreen, you get multiple desktop support, window resizing, fullscreen support, split view, mouse and trackpad support and much more.

Here is a look at how to use Shiftscreen.


Shiftscreen is a one-time purchase for $4.99.

Get a second screen for your iPhone or iPad




To sum it up this week, the Facebook Chat plugin makes it easy for customers and non-customers to reach your business. Once someone contacts you, it is up to your business to continue moving them down the funnel.

To watch next week's episode of Social Chatter, your weekly social media marketing talk show, tune-in to our YouTube channel or watch on Facebook to learn about the latest breaking social media news from this week!

If you have any questions about the Facebook Chat plugin, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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