12 Ways to Use LeadPages for Restaurants to Attract New Customers!

LeadPages for restaurants

12 Ways to Use LeadPages for Restaurants to Attract New Customers!

Do you find there aren't enough hours in the day to run your restaurant and successfully market it to help drive in new customers?

While social media has made it easier to develop a presence for your restaurant and help spread the word to customers, you still have to put in the time and do the work.

For most restaurant owners, I know this can be a challenge because you're managing everything - ordering food for your restaurant, hiring new employees, training your staff, paying bills and so on.

Chances are, you've also thought about adding a link on your website to let customers know your restaurant has a Facebook Page. Or better yet, you've been meaning to add online booking to make it easier to manage your reservations.

Many times, these things don't get done which leaves you feeling stressed and your restaurant, struggling.

What if there was a way to create something in just a couple of minutes that would make it easier for you to get these things done and help promote your restaurant at the same time?

Would you feel less stressed and get back to enjoying running your restaurant?

In this article, we're going to teach you how you can use LeadPages for restaurants to quickly:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Provide more value for your customers through your website
  • Help grow your social media channels
  • Generate more leads to bring people into your restaurant

Let's take a look at LeadPages to see how this tool can help make it easier for you as a restaurant owner, to promote your business.

What is LeadPages?

Every restaurant should have a website where customers can view their menu, find out which social networks they are on, see their other locations and contact the restaurant.

What you don't need though is a complicated website since most of this information doesn't change very often.

That's where LeadPages comes in.

Rather than hire someone to build your restaurant's website - which can be expensive and time-consuming, LeadPages makes it easy for you to build beautiful landing pages yourself in just minutes.

This landing page was built using LeadPages.

LeadPages template for restaurants

Quickly build a beautiful landing page for your restaurant in minutes

Everything can be edited in just a few clicks so you can do this in between shifts or assign this responsibility to one of your employees.

Now that you have an idea on what LeadPages is all about, let's take a closer look at some ways you can use LeadPages in your restaurant.

Recipe for success:

Start generating more leads today for your restaurant with LeadPages.

10 Way to Use LeadPages for Restaurants

1. Grow your email list

LeadPages features
One of the main reasons to use LeadPages for your restaurant is because they make it very easy to grow your email list.

You create opt-in forms for your sidebar, in your content, and also for your Facebook Page.

This way you can be building your email list wherever your customers are learning about your restaurant.

For this, all you'll need is a LeadPages account.

2. Create a video course on cooking

8-Part Video Course Template from LeadPages
Does your restaurant use online video? Maybe you're always posting new videos to YouTube.

Why not turn them into a course you can give away to customers who opt-in to your email list or better yet, create an additional revenue stream for your business?

If you have your videos created, you can quickly build a course for your restaurant in minutes.

All you'll need is the 8-Part Video Course template.

Simply add your videos, customize the look and feel, and start sharing your restaurant's videos with your customers!

3. Tell your restaurant's story

Restaurant landing page template from LeadPages
What's the story behind your restaurant?

Was your restaurant passed down from generation to generation?

Maybe you started from humble beginnings to become a famous restaurant?

While this might not seem interesting to you, chances are your customers will find it interesting and encourage their friends to come eat at your restaurant.

One of our favorite ways to display this information is using the Restaurant Landing Page template.

This template provides a way to tell your story.

There are also separate sections to display your menu along with your specials.

4. Raise money for a project

Essential Ecommerce template from LeadPages
Does your restaurant need to raise money for a worthwhile cause?

Maybe one of your best customers is sick and needs help paying their medical bills and you want to collect donations?

Or you're looking to open another location for your restaurant?

A quick way to start funding your project is to use the Essential Ecommerce template.

You can customize each section of this design to provide additional information about the project you're looking to help fund.

There's also a way to collect donations through PayPal.

5. Create a resource page

Product library with videos template from LeadPages

Are you passionate about cooking?

Maybe you're a master butcher and love sharing your knowledge about different cuts of meat?

Consider putting together a resource page for your restaurant that you can share with your customers (or anyone else looking for this information online).

We recommend trying the Product Library with Videos template.

You can quickly put together a resource page where you breakdown the different cuts of meat and include a video from your YouTube channel that goes into more detail.

If you like, you can create additional pages with other information related to your topic such as how to season your meat, how to cook the perfect piece of meat, and so on.

6. Promote your favorite cookbooks

Lead magnet listicle template from LeadPages

If you have your own cookbooks or find you're always recommending books to customers, why not create a landing page to promote them?

This way you don't have to keep telling customers about them.

Instead, you can give them the website address where they can view the list and purchase their favorites.

To create this, try the book sales page and lead magnet listicle templates which you can get here.

7. Promote your restaurant's mobile app

Drag and Drop blue mobile app template for LeadPages

Does your restaurant have a mobile app?

Would you like to get more downloads? Sure, we all would.

One way to use LeadPages for restaurants is to create a landing page to promote your mobile app.

Two of my favorite templates to set this up are apptastic and the drag-and-drop mobile app template.

Apptastic mobile app template from LeadPages

Both of these are available in the LeadPages marketplace.

Once you have your landing pages published in LeadPages, just give your customers the URL and they can read about your mobile app and download it right from your site.

8. Share your restaurant's menu

Whenever we decide to eat at a new restaurant, I always make it a point to look-up the restaurant's menu.

This way I know what types of dishes they serve to make sure there's something I'll eat.

It surprises me though how many restaurants don't display their menu on their website or on their Facebook Page.

In the age of social media, most customers want to look at your menu and see what customers are saying about your food beforehand.

Therefore, it is crucial that you make this available.

You can create separate pages for your lunch, dinner or dessert menus or display them on the same page for customers to view.

If you haven't yet added your menu, you can have this up and running in minutes with the modern restaurant menu template or the modern fast food restaurant website template.

We also really like the delicious template

Modern fast food restaurant website from LeadPages

Modern restaurant menu template from LeadPages

By adding your restaurant menu, you'll make it easier for your current customers and new customers to learn more about the food your restaurant serves.

9. Share coupons and special promotions with customers

Tasty deal template from LeadPages

Nearly every restaurant I've ever eaten at runs some type of special.

It could be a daily special. For example, maybe your Chef is testing out a new dish you're thinking about including on your menu.

You also might have happy hour specials or a promotion you run over the holidays (New Year's, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc).

If your restaurant offers these, be sure you let people know about them.

A quick way to do this is to put together a page with your specials. For this, you can use the tasty deal template.

If you're giving away a coupon, you can encourage customers to join your email newsletter. Once they join, you can send them a coupon they can use at your restaurant.

10. Make it easy to book a reservation

Delicious reservation template from LeadPages

Quickly add a way for customers to book a reservation at your restaurant.

This way your host can help customers who come into the restaurant instead of making them wait.

To set this up in LeadPages, check out the restaurant landing page template or the delicious template (seen above).

You can also use this template if you want to let customers know about any upcoming events your restaurant is putting on.

11. Promote your social media channels

Restaurant one template from LeadPages
Earlier, we mentioned adding your social media channels so that customers could connect with your restaurant.

Nearly every LeadPages template makes it easy to tell your customers which social media channels you're on.

All you have to do is click on the social network, enter your URL and save it.

In just a few minutes, you can start growing your restaurant's presence on your social media channels.

In the example above, we're using the restaurant one page template to tell customers where they can find us at on Facebook.

12. Create a mini-site

Delicious restaurant mini-site template
One last way you can use LeadPages for restaurants is to build a mini-site.

With a mini-site, you can incorporate many of the items mentioned earlier into one site.

This way your customers can go to one URL and view your restaurant menu, specials, join your mailing list and so on.

Later on, if you need to add additional pages, you can do that as well.

For example, right now you might not have a need for a video course.

Down the road, you can add this by creating a new landing page in LeadPages and link to it from your mini-site.

If you want to put together a mini-site for your restaurant using LeadPages, we used the delicious template.

Recipe for success:

Start generating more leads today for your restaurant with LeadPages.


Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how you can use LeadPages for restaurants to provide more value for your customers.

Remember, you don't always need a fancy website.

Rather, you can provide a lot of value by including the things customers commonly look for from a restaurant.

Those include: your restaurant menu, booking a reservation, your social media channels, joining your mailing list and so forth.

If you would like to put together a site for your restaurant, all you need to get started is LeadPages and the templates mentioned.

Besides these ideas, can you think of any other ways you would use LeadPages in your restaurant?

Share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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