5 Facebook Group Topic Strategies

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5 Facebook Group Topic Strategies

Have you been using discussion topics in your Facebook Group, but you're looking for Facebook Group topic strategies to help you better organize them?

If you create too many discussion topics, your Facebook Group can get overwhelming for members.

At the same time, if you don’t use Facebook Group topics in your group and you post a lot, members might miss a lot of your posts.

In this article, we’ll explore Facebook group topic strategies that you can use when applying Facebook Group topics in your group.

This way you can begin to better organize posts in your group and make it easier for your members to find things.


Why do you need a Facebook Group topic strategy?

Facebook Group discussion topics

Facebook Group topics are a great way to help organize posts in your Facebook Group.

Without a strategy in place though, you might end up creating too many group topics. This can make it especially difficult for members to know where to look because there are too many choices to pick from.

If you don’t create enough topics to organize posts, members might have to sift through a lot of content to find what they’re looking for.

For those of you who use Facebook Group search, you’ll quickly find that it doesn’t always bring up content in your group even though you know it is there.

IMAGE - Facebook Group Search

That’s one major reason why you should be using discussion topics (also called Facebook Group topics).

So now that you know about the importance of having a strategy in your group discussion topics, what are some strategies that you should consider using in your own Facebook Group?

Let’s take a look at a few that we think can help you better organize Facebook Group posts.


5 Facebook Group topic strategies

1. Create an area for new group members

Facebook Group topic strategy - New members

One Facebook Group strategy you can use is to organize your group topics for new members.

For example, you could create a specific Facebook Group topic where you store links to posts, files and more for new members.

By creating a group topic specifically for new members, they have a dedicated place to go in your Facebook Group to help them get started.

In that discussion topic area, they’ll find everything they need to help them get the most out of your group.

As a group admin, you will also benefit from this group strategy because you can easily find the posts you need to update for new members.


2. Social media customer service

Facebook Group topic strategy  - Unanswered questions

A second Facebook Group topic strategy to consider is for handling customer service inquiries.

42% of consumers complaining in #socialmedia expect 60 minute response times.Click To Tweet

With consumers expecting businesses to respond quickly when they need help, it is important for you to be ready and to answer every question that comes in, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Customers want to feel like you’re listening. That could be something as simple as sending them a link to a resource that answers their question or just acknowledging you’ve received their request.

If you are utilizing a Facebook Group and you receive a lot of questions from customers, you should look to create a group topic just for unanswered customer service inquiries.

This way as new posts come in that need to be answered, you can organize them into one place in your Facebook Group.

When you or your group moderators answer them, you can then move them out of the “customer service” Facebook Group topic and into a more topic, such as one that is about a specific product that you offer.


3. Do more with Facebook Group pinned posts

Facebook Group - Pinned post

Another one of my favorite Facebook Group topic strategies to use is to expand beyond the pin group posts feature.

In Facebook Groups, you can only pin one group post at a time.

If you have a lot of content you want new members to see, this can be overwhelming for new members if the first post they see contains a lot of links and instructions.

Instead, what you can do is create a Facebook Group topic specifically for new members as mentioned earlier.

Here, you’ll organize all of your Facebook Group posts, files, etc for new members.

Next, create a new post in your Facebook Group and pin it to the top.

In your post, include a welcome message for new members and just a single link, which links to the Facebook Group topic for new members.

To get the link to a group topic, right-click on the name of the topic and select “copy link address.”

How to get your Facebook Group discussion topic link

Paste the link you just copied into your new group post and then share it with your group

Be sure to use pin the group post.

Now you’ll have a resource area for new group members and a set of instructions that are inviting, not overwhelming for members!


4. Organize Facebook Group themes

Facebook Group topic strategy  - Member themes

Another type of Facebook Group topic strategy you can apply to your group is to organize your posts around themes.

For example, a lot of Facebook Groups have certain days when they let members share their own links.

If you do this in your group, you may want to create a topic for this type of post in your group so that members can easily go back to them if they need to.

Remember, should you choose to use one of the Facebook Group topic strategies that is organized by theme, make sure you don’t get too granular with your themes.

Create a few to begin with and remember, you can always scale up or down as needed.

It’s also important to know that when you create a group topic and remove all of the posts from the topic, that topic won’t appear in the list of discussion topics for members.


5. Quick access to important group topics

Facebook Group discussion topics - Quick access

One last idea when developing Facebook Group topic strategies is to organize based on important topics.

If you’re in the real estate business and you’re sharing posts for types of properties you have available, you could organize your topics into houses, apartments and condos and as they sell, remove them from the group.

If your restaurant runs a Facebook Group, you may want to use topics for happy hour, daily specials, coupons, and so forth that are easy for members to know what type of content is in that topic.


Over to you

Discussion topics in Facebook Groups can be a valuable tool to help organize posts for members.

Without a good strategy though, you can end up with too many Facebook Group topics, which can make it more difficult for members to find what they are looking for.

By taking just a few minutes to explore different Facebook Group topic strategies that are available, you can make sure you don’t miss any important posts or questions that come in from members.

At the same time, you’re able to help your members by making it easy for them to find new files, posts and more, ultimately helping make your group an indispensable go-to resource for new and potential customers.

Besides the group topics strategies I shared, can you think of any other types of strategies that you would use to organize Facebook Group topics?

If so, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

We would love to hear them!


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  • Jamie Lynn Shehan

    Is the topics feature no longer available?

    • @jamielynnshehan:disqus, it is still there for some accounts. It was rolled out on a limited basis, so you may not have it. Also try the Facebook mobile app as well to see if you have Facebook Group topics there.

      • Nance Confer

        Has the option been discontinued? How can I asked FB to enable it for my group?

        • It has not been discontinued. They’re in fact rolling out an updated version. The only way to get Facebook Group topics is to have them turn it on – you can’t ask them to turn it on, they have to do it for your account on their end.

          • Nance Confer

            Thanks for the info. I’ll be looking forward to it. This will be a huge help in my group. If they listen to you, please tell them we are eager to get this feature. Thanks. 🙂

          • If we hear anything, we’ll let you know, @nanceconfer:disqus.

    • We have an update – they’re starting to roll this out to a number of other users, so if you don’t have it yet, you may soon – update your Facebook mobile app.

  • LushSide

    i have 2 groups one of them has the topics feature but the other one has not! what is the issue?

    • It’s a Facebook thing @LushSide:disqus. They have to enable it. Are they both Facebook Groups you started or is one a Group you created and the other, you were made an Admin or Moderator? We’re seeing a lot of users with that same scenario.

      • LushSide

        both facebook and i am the admin in both of them , and the one has big members in has not got the function

        • We’re not sure why one Facebook Group has it and the other doesn’t. It’s up to Facebook to enable it for all of your Groups. The size shouldn’t make a difference. One thing you may want to do is look through your Group settings to see if you have any options in one group, that aren’t in the other, such as a new Group topics panel, any toggles, etc.