Social Snacks Episode 23: How to Use Facebook Group Topics

Facebook Group Topics - The Ultimate Guide - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 23: How to Use Facebook Group Topics

Are you looking for a better way to organize your Facebook Group posts? Did you know, you can use Facebook Group topics.

Facebook Group discussion topics

Facebook Group discussion topics

On this episode of Social Snacks, you will learn how to use Facebook Group topics.

This way you can better organize conversations in your Facebook Group, make it easier for members to find important posts, help other group members, and stay engaged with your Facebook Group members!


Why should you use Group Topics?

If you’ve ever used Facebook Groups, you know how frustrating it can be to find past conversations.

While you can search Facebook Groups, it doesn’t always return results even though you know there are group posts on a particular topic.

With the ablity to group topics in your Facebook Group, this helps fix Facebook Group search and makes it a lot easier for your group admin or members to easily find posts.


How to use Facebook Group topics

To begin using Facebook Group topics, here's a short 5-minute video tutorial that shows you how they work, how you can add group posts to Facebook Group topics and how to get notified about specific discussion topics in a Facebook Group.



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1. Creating a Group topic

How to add a Facebook Group topic

How to add a Facebook Group topic

In order to add group posts to a discussion topic, you can click the dropdown on a post and select “add a new topic.”

Alternately, if you’ve already created any Group topics, you can select from those in the same dropdown menu as well.

Note: If you want to add a post to multiple group topics at once, you can select “show all” from the dropdown menu and quickly assign a post to another discussion topic or create a new one.

Changing Facebook Group discussion topics

2. Organizing group topics

Facebook Group discussion topics

Facebook Group discussion topics

Once you’ve assigned a post to a Facebook Group topic, they will appear in the discussion topics section at the top of your group timeline.

Your posts will also show which topics they have been assigned to.

Group topics in a Facebook Group

3. Removing Facebook Group Topics

If you want to remove Group Topics from a post, you can click on the discussion topic at the top of your group timeline and remove an individual post from that topic.

When you do this, if there are no longer any posts in a particular topic, the topic will be removed from the discussion topics area.


Getting notified about new group topics

Notifications about topics in your Facebook Group

Notifications about topics in your Facebook Group

Another useful feature for topics in your Facebook Group is that you can get notified about individual topics.

To turn notifications on for a particular group topic, simply click into the topic and then click on “get notifications.”

To turn notifications off, click the button again.

If you run your own group, this can be very useful if you have a topic setup for unanswered questions.

You can add new posts to a group topic as they come in and get notified when someone responds to them.

Once they have been completed, you or a group moderator can move them to an archived topic that you create.


How to edit Group Topics

Here are instructions on editing your group topics after you have created them.



Using Group Topics On Mobile

Facebook Group Topics - Mobile

Facebook Group Topics - Mobile

One curious omission for group discussion topics is that they are only available from the desktop right now.

If you want to use them on mobile, you’ll have to request the desktop version of Facebook from your mobile device.


Over to you

Facebook Group topics are a fast and efficient way to better organize your group posts.

Not only can they make it easy for group admins to keep on-top of unanswered posts, but members can also quickly find new content on a particular topic they are interested in.

Having worked with Group Topics, we find that you should keep the number of topics to a minimum. Otherwise you might overwhelm your audience.

What has been your experience with group discussion topics?

Share how many group topics you are using and let us know if you have any questions about them that we didn’t cover on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.


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