Social Chatter Episode 213: Instagram Stories Create Mode & LinkedIn Events

Social Chatter: Episode 213 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 213: Instagram Stories Create Mode & LinkedIn Events

Welcome to the 213th episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show. We cover the latest social media news from this past week, including Instagram Stories Create Mode, LinkedIn Events, YouTube AR Beauty, Bonjoro, and more.

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For those of you who missed last week's episode, we talked about Pinterest Academy.

Let's see what's new in social media this week with, Christian Karasiewicz, Anh Nguyen and guest, Cait Hassett.

Social Chatter: Social Media Marketing Talk Show - Episode 213



Instagram Stories Create Mode

In Instagram news, they have launched Instagram Stories Create Mode a feature that will allow you to share posts that don't contain photos or videos.

Previously, if you wanted to create Instagram Stories content, you needed to have a photo or video.

With the new create mode, you can pick a colorful background and add stickers, text and more - without a photo or video.

Instagram Stories create mode
Instagram Stories Create Mode - Add content to Instagram Stories without photos or videos



Why Instagram Stories Create Mode Matters For Your Business

Sometimes your business doesn't always have a photo or video at your disposal. With Instagram Stories Create Mode, you won't have to worry. Instead, you can experiment with different types of Instagram Stories content to see what your audience prefers.

To use Instagram Stories create mode, follow these steps.


How To Use Instagram Stories Create Mode

  1. Launch the Instagram Stories camera
  2. Swipe right to left to switch to "create mode"
  3. Swipe left on the circle button (next to capture) to switch between "templates", "countdown", "GIFs" and more
  4. Tap the colored circle to change the background color

This will allow you to use Instagram Stories Create Mode for your business.

If you're not sure what to create, follow your competitors or other brands that interest you and see what they post to their Instagram Stories that you might want to adopt for your business.


You can read the announcement about Instagram Stories Create Mode here.


Instagram Direct For Desktop

Also in Instagram news, they are testing Instagram Direct for desktop.

This new feature (which looks very similar to Facebook Messenger), makes it easy to send Instagram Direct messages from your desktop (yeah, no more mobile-only functionality).



Why Instagram Direct For Desktop Matters For Your Business

While mobile is handy, many of us still rely on using a desktop for real work.

By adding Instagram Direct for desktop, you'll be able to respond to customers whenever it is convenient for you.

Remember, Instagram Direct for desktop isn't available yet. We'll update you as soon as it is!

To read the announcement about Instagram Direct for desktop go here.


YouTube AR Beauty Try-On

In YouTube news, they have added YouTube AR beauty to let you try-on make-up using augmented reality.

With YouTube AR, you can virtually try-on make-up products from NARS and Mac simply by tapping on Masthead and TrueView Discovery Ads.

When you tap on these ads in yellow (on iOS and Android), you'll be taken to a split view in the YouTube mobile app. There, you can test out YouTube AR to try-on make-up.

YouTube AR For Beauty

YouTube AR uses augmented reality to try-on beauty products.



Why YouTube AR Beauty Try-Ons Matter For Your Business

If you're in the beauty industry, you can clearly see that customers can virtually try-on your make-up products and then make a subsequent purchase.

This not only saves your customers time, but can also help them see how they would look using your beauty products.

If you run a lean business, by having access to YouTube AR beauty, you can also reduce product returns because customers can see how it will look on them beforehand.

After using the virtual try-on feature, if they like it, they can buy it directly from the YouTube ad.

YouTube AR is currently only available to a limited number of businesses.

In the meantime, you can read the announcement about YouTube AR beauty here.


LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Company Page Updates

In LinkedIn news, they have rolled out LinkedIn Events and added enhancements to LinkedIn company pages.

Company Pages are getting updates to make it easier to engage your employees.

Two enhancements include employee notifications and kudos and team moments.

With LinkedIn employee notifications, Page Admins can now alert employees of important posts (every seven days). In addition, LinkedIn company pages are adding kudos and team moments to spotlight outstanding work within an organization.

Here is a look at these new company page features.


Another very useful update is the ability to create LinkedIn Events.

You can now create LinkedIn Events from your desktop or the LinkedIn iOS or Android mobile apps.

LinkedIn Events

Create LinkedIn Events from the left side of the LinkedIn mobile app.



Why LinkedIn Events and Company Page Updates Matter For Your Business

LinkedIn is rolling out enhancements to help you better educate and reward your employees who share social media updates from your company page. With employee notifications, you can encourage your employees to share new updates from your company page.

Keep in mind that you'll also want to educate your employees on why they should share your companies updates with their audience.

In addition to company page updates, LinkedIn Events are rolling out.

You can create events to promote in-person events for your business. Hopefully this is a pre-cursor to LinkedIn Events for online events (and LinkedIn Live video).

In the meantime, you can read the announcement about LinkedIn company page updates here. If you're interested in LinkedIn Events, click here.


Other Social Media News Mentioned

Here are some additional social media news topics that we covered on our weekly live social media marketing talk show that are worth checking out.

  • Pinterest is launching Pinterest Lite for emerging markets.
  • Pinterest added a home feed tuner to control your Pinterest feed content.
  • Twitter launches a Twitter for Mac, desktop app that uses Apple's Mac Catalyst Technology.
  • Instagram gives users greater control over third-party access to user data.


    In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.



    The first tool that we have for you this week is Bonjoro.

    Bonjoro is a tool to help you create a welcome or thank you video that you can send to customers after they opt-in to your email list.

    You can integrate your videos with many of the top email service providers such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, as well as Zapier, where you can create additional zaps to move your subscribers around.


    You can try Bonjoro for free. If you want to change the branding, prices start at $25 per user.

    Create a thank you or welcome video for customers




    The second tool that we have for you this week is SharpSpring.


    SharpSpring, a marketing automation tool for businesses.


    SharpSpring is a marketing automation tool. You can use it to help keep track of leads for your business and convert those leads to customers using this powerful CRM tool.

    SharpSpring starts at $450 per month. You can try it for free for two weeks from the following link.

    Drive more leads and sales for your business




    That's it for this week's show!

    To watch next week's episode of Social Chatter, your weekly social media marketing talk show, tune-in here to find out what's new in social media!

    If you have any questions about any of the social media news or tools that were mentioned this week, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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