15 Instagram Selling Tools to Monetize Your Channel

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15 Instagram Selling Tools to Monetize Your Channel

Are you looking for ways to sell your products, goods and services on Instagram?

With over 500 million users and growing, Instagram isn’t just a place to share photos and short videos between 3 and 60 seconds.

Instagram can also be a terrific place to market and sell to your customers as well.

This way you can develop an additional revenue stream for your business with help from Instagram.

In this article, you will learn about different Instagram selling tools that are available that can help your business sell more of your products, goods and services on “the gram.”

Why Do I Need A Store On Instagram?

As a business owner, you want to make your products available wherever your customers are at.

With more and more customers consuming visual content, Instagram is a logical choice.

Your followers can only view one photo or video at a time in their Instagram feed.

This helps minimize distractions and gives your business an opportunity to capture a followers attention through the quality content that you are sharing.

Now imagine you’re sharing photos of some of your products and a customer wants to know more about one of them.

They would have to go to go to your website and try to find it.

That is a lot of work.

In a recent study, Instagram also found that “the vast majority of purchases take a day or longer, with only 21% of purchases made within a day.”

By setting up a shop on Instagram, you can make the process a lot more seamless for customers.

This way if they find something they want to buy, they can act on their impulse and make the purchase immediately right from Instagram.

You’ll have a satisfied customer and your business will ring the cash register.

Let’s take a look at the tools you can use to help you sell more of your things on Instagram.

15 Instagram Selling Tools

1. Shop Social

The first Instagram selling tool we wanted to highlight is called Shop Social.

Shop Social is a neat tool.

You can open an Instagram store and integrate it with your website.

Here is how Shop Social for Instagram works.

Shop Social for Instagram

Another useful feature of Shop Social is that you can also open a store on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Page store - Shop Social

This way you can be selling from your website, Instagram and Facebook!

You can try Shop Social for 30 days here.

Try Shop Social  

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an extremely popular Instagram tool.

Over 35,000+ businesses and agencies use Iconosquare to help with their Instagram posting.

With Iconosquare, you can schedule out updates and combine it with some of the other Instagram selling tools mentioned.

This way you can sell on Instagram and also see which items customers are most interested in.

Another thing we liked about Iconosquare is that they also have a mobile app that you can use to schedule Instagram posts and also check on your analytics when you are on-the-go.

If you want to get started with Iconosquare, they offer a 14-day trial.

Try Iconosquare  

3. Like2Buy from Curalate

Like2Buy from Curalate

Do you need to drive more traffic to your Instagram channel?

With Like2Buy by Curalate, not only can you drive more traffic to Instagram, but you can also generate revenue from Instagram as well.

Fans can window-shop your products, services and content on Instagram.

If they see something they are interested in - reading your stories, buying your products and so on, they can quick take an action on it.

Overall, Like2Buy is a very feature-rich Instagram selling tool that we highly recommend.

You can try out Like2Buy from Curalate to increase your businesses revenue on Instagram below.

Try Like2Buy  

4. Like2Know.It

Liked2KnowIt for Instagram

Like2KnowIt is another Instagram selling tool to check out.

With Like2KnowIt, here is how you can sell items on Instagram.

  1. Sign-up for Like2Know
  2. Like an Instagram photo with a LikedIt link
  3. Receive ready to shop product links in your Inbox

Here is a short video showing you how Liked2Know.It works.

You can sign-up to use Like2Know.It to begin selling your things on Instagram below.

Try Like2Know for Instagram  

5. Olapic’s Tapshop

Olapic Tapshop

Next up we have Olapic’s Tapshop.

Tapshop is an Instagram selling tool that wants to help your business monetize and maximize your best content.

In addition to being able to shopify your Instagram feed, Tapshop also includes a scheduling and analytics.

If you’re already using an Instagram scheduling tool, you could look into consolidating the tools you are using if you chose to go with Tapshop.

Try Olapic's Tapshop  

6. Postcart

Postcart for Instagram

Postcart is an easy to use Instagram selling tool.

They mainly cater to artists, vintage sellers and boutiques, but any business can use it.

With Postcart, you get a host of powerful tools you can use to sell from Instagram.

  • On-the-go ecommerce
  • Automatic shoppable feature that scans
  • Create a simple site or add Postcart to your existing one
  • Built-in SEO for to make your product photos searchable
  • Offer discount codes and coupons
  • Also works with Pinterest
  • And much more

You can get started with Postcart for free.

After 30 days, they charge $14 per month for a personal account and $24 per month for a business account.

Try Postcart  

7. Shopseen

Shopseen - iOS

Shopseen is another tool you can use to sell on Instagram.

With Shopseen, you can turn your Instagram feed into a store all without leaving the Instagram app.

In addition to working with Instagram, you can also add buy buttons to Twitter and many others.

There is also a nifty scheduling tool you can use to make your Twitter buy buttons go live.

Shopseen also has a mobile app available.

You can use it to track orders from stores, update your inventory, manage and fulfill orders and even reach out to your customers.

You can get started with Shopseen for free below.

Try Shopseen  

8. Inselly

Buy on Instagram with Inselly

There is no shortage of Instagram selling tools available.

If you are looking for a free Instagram selling tool then check out Inselly, an Instagram marketplace tool.

With Inselly, you create your online store within your Instagram account.

Once you have your account created, here is how you list products you want to sell on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram with Inselly

  1. Take a photo
  2. Add the hashtag, #Inselly and revenant category tags
  3. Login to Inselly to add details about your product

If one of your Instagram followers see’s a product they want, here is how they buy it on Instagram.

  1. Find a product on Instagram
  2. Add the hashtag, #soldtome
  3. Get a secure checkout link sent to your Inbox

Another thing we like about using the Instagram selling tool, Inselly, is that they do not charge commission fees and you checkout on PayPal.

Try Inselly  

9. Spreesy

For those of you looking to monetize Instagram along with other social media channels, check out Spreesy.

With Spreesy, besides integrating with Instagram, you can also use it with Facebook, Pinterest as well as Twitter.

For example, with Spreesy, you can integrate it with Facebook and monetize your Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

Another thing we really like about Spreesy is that they offer a mobile app for iOS and Android for managing your account on the go.

Spreesy - iOS

Overall, Spressy is a very robust and powerful Instagram selling tool that will help you turn your social media following into paying customers!

You can join Spreesy for free.

They charge a small transaction fee when you make a sale.

This can be a great Instagram selling tool for businesses just getting started.

Try Spreesy  

10. Soldsie

Soldsie for Instagram

Another tool you can use to sell on Instagram is called Soldsie.

With Soldsie (also called Have2Have.It), you can post a photo of an item that is for sale.

Customers comment “sold” on the Instagram photo.

They will be emailed a mobile friendly invoice and can then checkout with their purchase.

Plans for Soldsie start out at $49 per month.

You can check out pricing and try out Soldsie for 30 days below.

Try Soldsie  

11. Candid

Candid is another selling tool you can use to drive revenue from Instagram content.

With Candid, you can use social proof to help drive sales from Instagram for your business.

This is how the selling process works with Candid.

Candid for Instagram

To see how Candid can help you drive revenue from Instagram, watch this short video.

Try Candid  

12. Penny

Pay with Penny

Penny is another Instagram selling tool.

With Penny, their aim is to make selling on Instagram effortless.

Here is how Penny works.

  1. Sellers post items to Instagram
  2. Buyers comment using a hashtag, #sold
  3. Penny helps handle the transaction for the purchase
Try Penny  

13. instaOrders

Another tool to check out for selling on Instagram is InstaOrders.

instaOrders wants to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to start selling.

  1. Sign-in to Instagram
  2. Price your products
  3. Start taking orders

Here is a video showing you how the instaOrders process works to sell on Instagram.


As you can see, you can have instaOrders setup and running in just a few minutes.

This way you can begin taking orders!

Try instaOrders  

14. Use Your Instagram Profile

If you want to direct your Instagram followers to products on your website, another selling tool you can use is your website link.

On your Instagram profile, when you edit your profile, you can also include a link.

You can use this to drive your followers to a landing page on your website featuring all of the items that they have available.

If you need tools to create a landing page for your business, I recommend checking out LeadPages and Shortstack.

Both tools make it easy for you to quickly create a beautiful landing page just for the products you sell on Instagram!

Try LeadPages  

Try Shortstack  

15. Instagram Shoppable Product Tags

One last Instagram selling tool to consider is Instagram’s own tool.

They are called Instagram product tags.

You can use them to make your Instagram photos shoppable.

They are very convenient to setup and use.

The way that this new feature works for shopping on Instagram is this.

“Each post will have a tap to view icon at the bottom left of a photo. When tapped, a tag will appear on various products in the post—showcasing up to five products and their prices. Once a tag is selected a new detailed view of the product will open. This functionality will bring important product information to the consumer earlier in the journey, all without having to leave the Instagram app to search. Then, if the consumer taps the Shop Now link from the product details view, they’ll go directly to that product on the business’ website, making it easier for them to buy the product they want.”

This is what the flow would look like for customers who want to shop from Instagram.
Shoppable Instagram product tags

Here is a video that demonstrates this Instagram selling tool.

Overall, we really like the solution that Instagram has come up with. It is intuitive, yet very easy to use.

Over to you

As you can see, you have a lot of choices when choosing Instagram selling tools for your business.

By using a tool to help your business sell on Instagram, you can quickly setup a store for your retail establishment, real estate business, restaurant or even your automotive business in just a few minutes!

This way you can begin to monetize your Instagram presence.

Have you tried other tools to help you sell on Instagram?

If so, we would love to hear what you liked about them.

Please leave us a comment on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below so that we can help you get your Instagram store launched!


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