10+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Business Hours of Time

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts - Featured

10+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Business Hours of Time

Are you looking to save time when creating social media images, presentations or images for your Facebook Ads?

One of our favorite tools to create these is Canva.

Not only do they provide a lot of templates for creating different types of content, they make it easy to put together beautiful visuals for your business in just a few minutes.
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In addition to providing access to thousands of images to use in your project along with templates, you can also use shortcuts in Canva. This way you can save yourself time when you're creating your next set of images.

To help you use Canva more efficiently, we've put together an infographic with a helpful list of the Canva keyboard shortcuts that are available.

This way you can save your business hours of time when creating images in Canva for social media channels, Facebook Ads, Twitter cover photos, presentations and more!

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts - Infographic

1. Copy an item

To copy and item, select it and then use the keyboard shortcut:

Control/⌘ and C.

2. Duplicate an item

If you want to duplicate an item in Canva, use this keyboard shortcut:

Select the item. Press control/⌘ and C.

3. Convert text to uppercase

Quickly convert all text in Canva to uppercase using these instructions:

Select your text. Press control/⌘, Shift and K.

4. Contrain proportions

To constrain the proportions of an object, use this keyboard combination in Canva:

Select an object. Hold shift and drag the corner.

5. Add a border to text

Do you want to add a border around your text in Canva? Use this shortcut:

Option/Alt and B.

6. Delete an item

You can also quickly delete and item in Canva.

Simply select the object and press the delete key.

7. Increase the border size

If you've added a border to your text, you can increase or decrease the border thickness using this Canva keyboard shortcut:

Option/Alt and shift and =.

8. Move multiple layers

To move multiple layers or to group items together, try this shortcut:

Press and hold shift and click on each object.

You can then drag all of the objects around at once.

9. Move layers forward or backwards

If you want to move layers forwards or backwards in Canva, use this keyboard combination.

Select the object to move. Press control/⌘ and J.

10. Select all objects

To quickly select all objects in Canva, this is the keyboard shortcut to use.

Control/⌘ and A.

You'll notice many of the Canva keyboard shortcuts are similar to the shortcuts you use on a personal computer or in a word processing program.

11. Display a grid

To easily align objects in Canva, you can turn on a grid.

Press control/⌘ and ;.

To turn the grid off, press the keyboard shortcut again.

12. Zoom in or out

For those of you who need to zoom in or out on your Canva project, use this keyboard shortcut combination.

Zoom in: Control/⌘ and =/+.

Zoom out: Control/⌘ and -.

13. Undo an edit

If you happen to make a mistake in Canva, you can undo it.

Control/⌘ and Z.

14. Add a new textbox

Lastly, to quickly add a new textbox in Canva, press the letter T.
If you would like to see these keyboard shortcuts in-action, check out this great collection of animated GIFs.


Canva is a powerful business tool for creating professional looking images, presentations and ads.

By using these Canva keyboard shortcuts, you can create great visual content to use throughout your business.

In the process, you can save your business hours of time because Canva is so easy to use.

Here's a quick recap on what you'll need in order to use the Canva keyboard shortcuts mentioned above in your business.

Recipes for Success with Canva keyboard shortcuts
In order to use the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this infographic, here's what you'll need to do.
Besides the shortcuts we mentioned in the infographic, are there others you've found?

If so, we would love for you to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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