Social Chatter Episode 227: Bitmoji TV From Snapchat & Instagram Stories GIF Replies

Social Chatter: Episode 227 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 227: Bitmoji TV From Snapchat & Instagram Stories GIF Replies

Welcome to the 227th episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show. We cover the latest social media news from this past week, including:

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We also talked about the Facebook clear history tool for businesses on Episode 226.

Let's see what's new in social media this week with, Christian Karasiewicz, Jim Fuhs and guest, Jaime Cohen, who we previously had on to discuss Facebook work group types.

Social Chatter: Social Media Marketing Talk Show - Episode 227



Bitmoji TV From Snapchat

In Snapchat news, they have launched Bitmoji TV, 4-minute cartoons featuring your avatar.



In the first year, there won't be any advertising. Instead, Snapchat is hoping to hook viewers into tuning into the short cartoons (think Saturday morning cartoon episodes).

Episodes will be rated PG-13 for bleeping for swearing and mild-violence. To access Bitmoji TV, look for it on the Discover Page in the Snapchat app or visit this link on mobile.


Why Snapchat's Bitmoji TV Matters For Your Business

Although you won't be able to control which episodes on Bitmoji TV that your avatar is in, you should start thinking about whether this is something that works for your business.

Bitmoji TV is different and won't work for every business.

Over time, we anticipate Snapchat will open Bitmoji TV to businesses to allow them to advertise and hopefully automatically create videos that incorporate their own avatars.

For now, we can only watch.

To read more about Bitmoji TV, click here.


Instagram Stories GIF Replies

In Instagram news, they have added Instagram Stories GIF replies using GIPHY.

Now when someone views your Instagram Stories, instead of giving you a reaction, they can start typing a reply to your story. The icon will then change to a GIF.

To get Instagram Stories GIF replies, update your Instagram app in your devices AppStore.


Why Instagram Stories GIF Replies Matter For Your Business

Users can now go beyond just replying to Instagram Stories with reactions.

By adding Instagram Stories GIF replies using GIPHY, you can also use this to give your business a better idea about the reactions someone gives you.

For example, if you notice a lot of funny GIF replies, this might be a strong indicator that your Stories resonated with your Instagram Stories content. If you notice a lot of angry animated GIFs, you may want to reconsider the content you shared or reach out to those customers via Instagram Direct for a further discussion on what they didn't like about your content that you shared via Stories.

You can read more about Instagram Stories GIF replies here.


Other Social Media News Mentioned

Here are some additional social media news topics that we covered on our weekly live social media marketing talk show that are worth checking out.



In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.



The first tool that we have for you this week is Tangi.

Tangi is a social video app from Google. With Tangi, you can create 1-minute or less videos. One thing we really like about Tangi is that it reminds us a lot of Stories content. Hopefully at some point, Google decides to fold it into YouTube, as it would be a great way to share different types of content on your channel.

Tangi, a social video tool
Tangi helps you create 1-minute or less social videos.


Tangi is a free tool. You can sign-up for it below.

Download Tangi, a social video app





Shield App

The second tool that we have for you this week is Shield App.

Shield App is a LinkedIn Analytics tool.

With Shield, you can quickly track and analyze your LinkedIn Analytics across company pages and gain more profile insights.

Shield App for LinkedIn Analytics

Shield App gives your business access to LinkedIn Analytics for your company page, followers and more.


You can try the Shield App free for 10-days or upgrade to the Solo plan, which starts at $10 per month. If you want to see LinkedIn Company Page statistics, you can upgrade to the Plus plan, which starts at $20 per month.

Try the Shield App for LinkedIn Analytics




That's it for this week's episode of Social Chatter.

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