Social Snacks Episode 18: 10 Must-have Facebook Live Video Tools for Creating Better Videos

10 Facebook Live Video Tools - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 18: 10 Must-have Facebook Live Video Tools for Creating Better Videos

Do you notice some Facebook Live Videos that you watch look and sound amazing, while others are difficult to see or hear? The reason why is because they are using Facebook Live Videos tools besides their mobile device to improve the quality of their livestreaming videos.

On this episode of Social Snacks, you’ll learn about ten Facebook Live Video tools that can help you improve the video and audio quality of your Facebook Live Videos.

This way when you use Facebook Live Video on your Facebook Page, you can make sure your videos look and sound their best everytime!

Let’s take a look at the Facebook Live Video tools that I personally use when I’m broadcasting to my audience.


10 Must-have Facebook Live Video Tools

Facebook Live Video Tools

Below is a list of the tools and equipment that I use for Facebook Live Videos.

One thing to remember, you can use the equipment for Facebook Live Videos as well as for other videos you create for Facebook, Periscope, Blab, YouTube or any other video platforms, so think of it as an investment in your business.



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1. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager App

Besides having a mobile device, the first tool you’ll need is the Facebook Pages Manager App. Without it, you won’t be able to create Facebook Live Videos.

If you like, you can also use the Facebook mobile app instead when creating Facebook Live videos.

Download Facebook Pages Manager  

2. A Tripod

Manfrotto Pixi Evo Tripod

Another tool you’ll need to help you create better Facebook Live Videos is a tripod.

Personally, I use the Manfrotto Pixi Evo Tripod.

I chose this tripod for my Facebook Live Videos because not only is it portable, but you can raise and lower it. This way you don't have to crouch down to get in front of your camera.

It can also be converted into a great selfie stick and the head rotates so that you can switch between horizontal and vertical Facebook Live Videos.

Get a tripod  

3. Stabilize Your Facebook Live Videos

R1 Pro Shoulderpod

Do you notice how some Facebook Live Video broadcasts shake?

This is because chances are, the person filming doesn’t have a stabilizer.

Not only can a stabilizer help your videos not shake, but some of them can help you expand your usage of Facebook Live Videos as the needs of your business grow.

The Facebook Live Video tool I use to stabilize my videos is the R1 Pro by Shoulderpod.

As I mentioned, it can help to stabilize my videos. It can also hold my phone when I’m broadcasting to my audience and be used to house other equipment listed below.

Stabilize my Facebook Live Videos  

4. A Tripod Mount

S1 Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone Rig, Tripod Mount and Travel Stand

In order to attach your mobile device to any tripod, you’ll need a way to mount it.

Because technology changes and we tend to get a new mobile device every couple of years, I like to use a piece of equipment that can adjust to different devices.

For that, I use the S1 by Shoulderpod in order to hold my phone and attach it to my tripod.

While you can purchase one for around $5, it's usually poorly constructed and breaks after a couple of uses. I made the investment in a quality mount because it’s holding a phone that costs between $200 and $500.

This mount is also made of stronger materials and it expands and contracts to fit different types of devices.

Shoulderpod S1 Review – How to film better videos with your smartphone

Get a tripod mount  

5. Additional Lenses

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

Now that you have a way to increase the height of your camera, another one of the Facebook Live Video tools I recommend using are lenses.

While the one on your mobile device will get the job done, you can improve it.

Not only can you improve the rear camera, but if you’re using the front camera for live video as most users are, it’s typically very low quality.

By adding a lens kit such as the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit, you can give your Facebook fans and customers better quality video.

For example, the kit I mentioned gives you four lenses; fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro.

This way you can use them for different types of Facebook Live Videos you may be broadcasting.

The macro lens is great for showing the details of something up-close, such as jewelry. If you’re in real estate and giving a tour of a property, you may want to use the wide-angle lens instead to give viewers a better idea of what the place is like.

Get a lens kit  

6. Portable Lighting

Genaray LED On-Camera Light

Whenever you’re broadcasting Facebook Live Videos, it is important to have optimal lighting.

Having extra lighting makes for a better viewing experience.

If you’re going to be on-camera, your audience can also see you better. This way they can build a deeper emotional connection with the person that they are watching.

One of the Facebook Live Video tools I use for adding lighting to my videos is the Genaray LED light. You can also check out the Manfrotto Lumimuse 6 LED light as well.

Both are extremely portable and they attach to the R1 Pro stabilizer by Shoulderpod that I mentioned earlier.

Brighten your live videos  

7. External Microphone

Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smartphones

If there is two things that can create a poor experience with viewers, it’s a video that is too dark and poor audio.

The onboard microphone for nearly all mobile devices isn’t that great. Audio is scratchy, hollow, and it picks up every little noise, which can distract from your live videos.

This can lead to your Facebook Live Videos being difficult to hear.

To fix this issue, I recommend you get an external microphone.

The microphone I use is the Rode VideoMic Me + Windshield.

Because it is a shotgun microphone, it captures audio that’s in front of it.

If you’re going to be on-camera, you will come in loud and clear and it will sound fantastic to your viewers.

This particular microphone also works with both iOS and Android devices and it’s extremely portable and lightweight.

Improve my audio  

8. Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooh remote by Hisy

Do you want to be able to start and stop videos?

I always keep a bluetooth remote with me.

This one by Hisy, is about the size of a quarter and can help you get your videos started without needing to keep adjusting your camera and microphone.

It also works great when you want to take a group photo or start recording a video and the video camera is far away.

Add a remote  

9. Portable Battery Charger

External portable battery

If you plan to use live video a lot in your business, one of the essential Facebook Live Video tools you must have is an external battery.

Any type of livestreaming uses a lot of battery.

That’s why you should always have an extra battery with you.

Personally, I use a MyCharge portable battery.

This one in particular is 12000mAh and includes all of the cables you need to charge an iOS or Android device.

It also has a USB port to be able to charge a third device such as a tablet.

It is important to get a bigger external battery for Facebook Live Videos because most of the smaller batteries you get only charge part of your device.

This one charges your device as well as other devices.

Keep streaming my Facebook Live Videos  

10. Carrying Case

Carry Case

As you can see, there are a number of Facebook Live Video tools that can help to improve the quality of your video and audio.

You’ll want to have a carrying case so that you can take this equipment with you (it’s extremely portable).

I’m a big fan of the Manfrotto Professional Shoulder Bag 30. It’s sturdy and has enough space for all of your Facebook Live Video tools that you need to carry with you.

Get a bag for my Facebook Live Video Tools  

Over to You

Rather than broadcast videos that are sub-par, have poor audio and don’t necessarily make your business look great, you now have the right Facebook Live Video tools to create high quality content to share with your fans and customers.

While it’s a small investment in your businesses social media strategy, remember, you can also use these tools for other livestreaming services and video projects you work on.

If you have additional questions on the Facebook Live Video tools that I mentioned, please let us know about them by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.


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Christian Karasiewicz Founder, Social Chefs
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  • Not bad at all! Love the article and bookmarked it. Seems very useful for video marketing generally (don’t have to mainly Facebook Live Video).

    Thanks for sharing Christian!

    • Absolutely @nicregi:disqus! You can use these tools for more than just Facebook Live video. Periscope, YouTube, Vimeo, webinars, etc. It is important to think about the big picture if you’re planning on using video on other channels as well. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it!

    • Excellent point @nicregi:disqus. Besides the ones @ckarasiewicz:disqus mentioned, are there others where you see having these tools can help a business?

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  • Hi Christian, I used to be able to hold the camera horizontally on a gimbal while doing live videos. With the update to IOS 10, I find that my videos now appear sideways on facebook. Do you have a solution?

    • Great question @ieatishootipost:disqus. One thing I would check is whether you have your accelerometer locked. I’ve heard from some users who have had this happen as well, but for everyone who gets sideways video, others aren’t having any issues. I would try deleting the app and downloading a fresh copy to see if this fixes it.

    • We just tested this with some of our clients and it was working for them – no sideways video. Another thing you’ll want to look into is to see if you have the latest version of iOS 10. They’ve released a few updates since it was rolled out.

      • BrianJBurgess

        Another solution is to make sure you’re not using the iPhone’s “zoomed” mode (which makes all the icons larger). This interferes with Facebook Live’s ability to rotate the screen. As soon as I switched the phone to “standard” (it’s in your display settings), the FB Live app worked perfectly in landscape mode.

        • We believe they have since fixed this @BrianJBurgess:disqus. Can you confirm on your end too?

  • Quentin


    thank you for this beautiful article ! I have just a big problem with a rode microphone (with R1 Shoulderpod) : when i’m doing a facebook live video, my sound is really not clear because with my phone network i have a very lot of interfeence… if i want to have a clear sound, i must active airplane mode (so… i can’t do live) 🙁

    Have you a solution ?

    • Good question. I haven’t come up with a fix short of putting your device in do not disturb mode when you are using Facebook Live. This would allow you to still broadcast on Facebook Live without having to be in airplane mode.

    • Have you tried adjusting the items you get notifications for? This issue isn’t just for one type of mic. By adjusting your notifications, you can minimize what pops up during your Facebook Live sessions, which should reduce the interference you are getting.

      • Quentin

        Hm i really think it’s not notifications. Because i tried a lot of tests on Facebook Live page (with 0 fans) and i have always the problem. But it’s strange because when i use my handsfree microphone (no bluetooth), it works.

        • Pretty sure it’s a notifications issue. We run Facebook Live videos often and when we get notifications, there ends up being feedback in the live video when using a third-party mic sometimes.

          • Quentin

            So you think if i just desactive Facebook notifications (messenger ? FB application ? Pages notifications are also desactived), it can work ?

          • It’s not just those notifications, it’s all notifications on your mobile device.

  • Kris

    I have traveled to lots of stores and consulted with lots of “nerds” and haven’t been able to find a way to do Facebook live with a wireless mic and my android phone. I’ve tried bluetooth and I also have a sennheiser mic that is actually made for a proper video camera. The problem is that every time I use Facebook live, my phone defaults to either the internal mic or wired mic instead of the bluetooth headset (which I’ve tried to use as a “mic”). What I’m ultimately trying to do here is Facebook live or ANY video of a person who is wearing a wireless mic which connects to my phone. I’ve had no success connecting a wireless mic of any kind to my cell phone. Any geniuses out there that can help me?- Thanks

    • The problem isn’t Facebook. You can’t just connect a mic
      to anyone smartphone or tablet. You have to be using the right connection. The mic either doesn’t have enough power and you need phantom power or you need to have the right cable you’re plugging it into the phone with. Which model mic do you have? Which model phone are you trying to plugin to?

      • Kris

        I am open to two different options. For either option, I want to connect the mic to my LG G5, which uses android. I am using the “soundabout” app, which also allows me to connect to a wired external mic. This external mic works fine, even with Facebook live- however, I’m interested in using a wireless mic. I either want Facebook live to default my bluetooth headset (ANY bluetooth headset) or I want Facebook live to default to my sennheiser wireless lav. please see attached photo for sennheiser option

        • @disqus_sBCSR2IzCy:disqus, we recommend taking a look at KV Connection ( This is where we get our cables from. They have very helpful staff who can recommend the proper cabling based on the type of microphone and smartphone you are connecting to.

        • Luke Truckenmiller

          Do you have a desktop to run the program on? If you can plug the mic into a computer, and open a Facebook app on the computer, use a webcam for video and the mic as audio. To choose the mic, go under Control Panel/Hardware and Sounds/Sounds then choose the recordings tab to choose your mic. You can do this with a laptop too, but I don’t not know about tablets and smartphones unfortunately.
          Hope this helps,

        • We reached out to KV Connection. Here are their recommendations.

          Most battery powered microphones would this adapter:

          Non-battery powered lavaliere microphones would need this adapter:

          The Sennheiser wireless microphone would need this adapter:

          If you are using a different type of connector on your microphone, they said you can reach out to them at for additional help with your setup.

    • If you figure this out please let me know. I am eagerly trying to find a way to use a wireless microphone with Facebook live. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I can’t find a solution. I’ve done a lot of research and tried several different approaches, but nothing seems to work. I’m even willing to switch devices in order to pull this off.

      • Luke Truckenmiller

        You said you had different approaches, maybe this will help? I commented this below also, in fewer steps.

        Do you have a desktop to run the program on? If you can plug the mic into a computer, and open a Facebook app on the computer, use a webcam for video and the mic as audio. To choose the mic, go under Control Panel/Hardware and Sounds/Sounds then choose the recordings tab to choose your mic. You can do this with a laptop too, but I don’t not know about tablets and smartphones unfortunately.

        To get the Facebook app on my computer, I use windows 10 and go into the app store to download it.
        Hope this helps,

  • Mums_Blog

    Great article. I am wondering where I can get the double arm mount (top picture) for the light and phone?

  • norbalm

    Thanks much super informative just what i was looking for.

    • You’re very welcome @norbalm:disqus. We love giving everyone a peek into the tools we use. If we can answer any additional questions, let us know!

  • why isn’t this an actual video? It’s kind of annoying watching a video on making videos that is only photos.

    • @myhairtalking:disqus, we were experimenting with a photo slideshow instead of the typical video. Thank you for the feedback and we will look into incorporating it into future Social Snacks videos.

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  • Alef Bet Jewelry

    Great list. I am looking into the items!

    • We’re so glad you found the tools helpful. If we can answer any additional questions or provide other recommendations on tools or gadgets for your social media marketing, let us know.

    • Thank you @alefbetjewelry:disqus. Have you started incorporating any of the tools into your Facebook live videos? If so, which ones?

  • Pam O

    Great tips! Quick question. I use my Samsung Note 4 on a tripod and have had no problems until…somehow I changed the format of the image. My videos from Dec. 23 back are in full screen format (fill up the entire box in my post) and the one I did after that date is narrower and displays with gray sidebars on my post. I’m guessing I accidentally pressed buttons while putting the phone into the tripod and now cannot figure out how to change it back to wide format. I’ve Googled everything I can think of to no avail.. Any suggestions?

    • Here is one thing you can try @disqus_02rPbpKsv6:disqus. Start your Facebook Live video holding your camera horizontally – so you’re in widescreen mode. Once you have it going, you can switch back to portrait mode. That should fix the gray bar issue that you’re getting during Facebook Live videos.

  • Luke Truckenmiller

    Sir, have you tried using a computer to go Facebook live? I have the Facebook app on my computer, which allows Facebook live. However, it seems only Webcams are usable. I have another camera with sound through a sound board that is hooked up to the computer also, but that isn’t an option to go Live with. My question is if you happen to know a work around for that?

    • Which Facebook app are you referring to? You would want to be using Facebook from your web browser. As far as the camera, can you share your setup with us – which camera you’re using, how it is connected. Thanks!

      • Luke Truckenmiller

        I use the Windows 10 app on my computer because Facebook on Chrome and Edge do not have an option to go live in browser. It is only on the Facebook app that you can go Live on.
        I am running a setup for my church to go Live for the services. I have both a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 connected by USB and a Cannon Vixia. The Vixia sends its signal to the computer through an HDMI Input, and shows image on my computer but wont let me view it on the App. The Vixia also gets its sound from the sound board while the webcam has its own internal mic. The app only registered the camera from the Webcam.
        Just after sending this, I found a setting on the computer under Control Panel/ Sounds/Recordings that lets me switch the audio input from the webcam to any of my other audio inputs. I have the soundboard, which is sending a clearer signal, connected into the computer now and can go live with that audio instead. The webcam’s mic picks up everything close to it beautifully. This includes me talking to the other sound tech at church or people in the back pews talking during service. However, it was not getting a clear sound from Pastor’s preaching or the praise team singing, which is the purpose of the service.
        We will be running the program again next Sunday, and I will update you on what we have hooked up and how, and how it works next week.
        Thank You!

        • Thank you for breaking down you set up @luketruckenmiller:disqus. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  • Peter Hodgkinson

    I have the Rode Videomic Me, started a Facebook live stream recently recording my band playing at a venue, the issue I noticed was audio levels, it was so loud that the audio input was clipping and causing distortion, the live stream was very poor due to this.
    I cannot see how to tweak the audio input to reduce clipping can you help answer this?…..annoyingly another video recording using an iPhone inbuilt mic sounded fine 🙁
    I really want to use the Rode VideoMic Me for future gigs and this is a major annoyance

    • Jeni Wren Stottrup

      You should check out the Shure Motiv 88. You can change the gain and mic settings, so it won’t blow out your sound for live recordings. I’m currently archiving at shows to see which sound best before I start covering at festivals in a couple weeks.

      • Jeni Wren Stottrup

        Here is an example of sound from there from last week. I also used a Fugetek 568 which works great as a boom stand to move mic.

        • Peter Hodgkinson

          Thanks for the tip Jeni,

          I watched a few reviews for the motiv 88, I like the fact that once you set the levels in the sure app, the mic retains that setting so then can be used on any other app, this would fix my issue for sure (pun intended!) I have the rode app, I guess this does not work in the same way?
          It is frustrating because When the recording level is set correct (e.g. GarageBand) the sound from then rode mic is great, I just need to control/ set levels for FB live gigs…. might have to invest in the Sure Motiv 88

  • Bill Wixon

    What if I want to use a DSLR to broadcast. What will I need besides the camera?

  • Jeni Wren Stottrup

    Great list. I use all these and am starting to test out stabilizing arms. I feel like what is missing on this list is the storage pieces. As important as the battery. I currently am using Google Drive. I upload content straight to from wifi and then delete to clear memory.

    • Jeni Wren Stottrup

      I just posted a video with my current set up over at my facebook page. Also received a camkix set and a bag from vangoddy I’ll be reviewing soon.

    • Good suggestion @jeniwrenstottrup:disqus. If you are using a device with limited storage, it makes sense to have another place to keep saved videos. Or you can also download them from Facebook for later.

      • Jeni Wren Stottrup

        That is an option unless you are collecting for archive. I run a narrative music industry podcast/radio show. So, I’ve been uploading to drive as I go. It’s only $5 a month and has 1 Tetrabyte of storage. That way I can keep uploading videos. Have you tried any other arms out? I use a mono pod for shows right now. I contacted the company of the one you post, gorgeous desig.

  • Darren Kaberna

    Has anyone used the Hisy remote to start a FB live feed? I’m not able to get it to work. Works great to take a pic, but not start a feed.

    Also, same results here w the Rode mic. When shooting just video w/out airplane mode, I get great audio. Terrible audio w FB live. Love to hear any solutions! Thanks

    • We did when we put this post together. We’ve been using Facebook Live video from the web mostly lately. Since Facebook has been updating the software a lot, it’s possible they removed functionality that was working recently.

  • Dennis Yurkus

    Question: I am in the market for a microphone for Facebook live broadcasting on an iPhone 7 for my wife and her business. From what I have read from reviewers, comments, and some webpage out there is the iPhone 7 has static that effects the broadcast audio. They also mention the only way they can get it to work is by utilizing airplane mode but then you cannot stream live. Has this been resolved, fixed or a work around found for it for this device?

    Question: Which would be better for the IPhone 7 to Stream Facebook Live? I plan to mount either of them directly on our desktop tripod if that matters. I am not sure if there is a technical difference between the both that would effect the iPhone 7 or cause those static problems I mentioned above.

    Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones
    Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

    I would like to say thank you for taking the time reading up on my problem and offering your expertise.

    • I think that issue might be with the specific microphone you are using. I had it happen as well with Rode products, but it did not happen every time I was using Facebook Live video. One thing you can try is to go into airplane mode, but still keep your WiFi and Bluetooth on.

    • @dennis_yurkus:disqus, another microphone you can try is the Blue Raspberry microphone.

      The company makes terrific microphones. This particular one works with your mobile device, but can also be plugged into a computer as well.

  • dani alba

    it there a way to connect to the iphone the receiver of a sennheiser lapela, so i can have the microphone distant from the camera?

  • Lee Elliott

    Found the video to be very simple and straight forward. Thanks for the info

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read and engage with us @disqus_Tr8U5qkxeA:disqus. If we can answer any questions you may have or help with getting your Facebook Live set up, let us know!