Social Chatter Episode 174: Events In Facebook Stories & A Twitter Beta Program

Social Chatter: Episode 174 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 174: Events In Facebook Stories & A Twitter Beta Program

Welcome to this week's episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show where we cover the latest social media news from this past week including events in Facebook Stories, the Twitter beta program, YouTube removes automatic social media sharing, Mojo App, LeoApp and more with Christian Karasiewicz, Phil Gerbyshak and guest, Lisa Monks.

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For those of you who missed last week's episode with Ross Brand, you can watch the replay here here.

Let's see what's new in social media this week with your hosts, Christian Karasiewicz and Phil Gerbyshak.

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Events In Facebook Stories

In Facebook news, they are testing events in Facebook Stories.

When you're viewing Facebook Stories, you may begin to notice the following button at the bottom of your Stories.

Events in Facebook Stories

The new sticker makes it easy to add events in Facebook Stories.

Why Events In Facebook Stories Matters For Your Business

Facebook events are boring. Most of the time, you create them and hardly anyone ever responds to them.

When done right, your business (or your profile) could be sharing to Facebook Stories and have a way to drive viewers to respond to your Facebook event - with questions, to invite their friends, and so on.

With this current test, when you share an event as a Story, it will help your events stand-out.

Facebook is putting more emphasis on Stories. This could be the next iteration to encourage Facebook users to use them more.

To read more about events appearing in your Facebook Stories, click here.

Twitter Launches A Beta Program

In Twitter news, they are experimenting with a Twitter beta program app.

This new program will be used to test new Twitter features such as color-cded replies (so it's easier to see tweets), algorithm sorted responses to tweets (to encourage showing conversations that are engaging), along with tests to hide the Twitter heart / like icon (you'll have to tap to access it, but it encourages more conversations).

Twitter beta program

Why A Twitter Beta Program Matters For Your Business

By now, you're either a Twitter fan or you aren't.

A lot of the negative sentiment surrounding Twitter is because it's difficult to use or there's too much spam.

Twitter wants to change that by experimenting with various features.

As a business owner, these all seem like win-win situations for you.

For example, one of the biggest complaints about Twitter is that there isn't much conversation.

Twitter plans to experiment with tweaks to the heart icon.

For example, instead of removing it completely, they're hiding it so that it's not easy for people to quickly like or favorite a tweet. Instead, this encourages more conversation.

If someone wants to like a tweet, they'll have to tap into it to access this icon.

Hopefully these tweaks to Twitter will help change the perception of the platform and encourage you to use it more.

To read more about the Twitter beta program and these new features, click here.

YouTube Removes Twitter, Google+ Automatic Sharing

In YouTube news, they are removing automatic sharing tools to Twitter and Google+.

Why Removing Automatic Sharing From YouTube To Twitter And Google+ Matters For Your Business

Whenever you uploaded a video to YouTube, you had the ability to share your YouTube video to Twitter and Google+ simply by checking a box.

YouTube is removing these options from your YouTube video dashboard after January 31. 2019.

They made this decision because they "found that social sharing works better when the message is more customized and takes advantage of social media features, such as @mentions."

You'll still have the ability to share your videos on other social media platforms, it just won't be automatic.

As a business owner, this is good because you can now customize the message that goes about right after a new YouTube video is uploaded to your channel.

To read about removing automatic sharing of YouTube videos to Twitter and Google+, click here.

YouTube Community Posts Showing On Main Page

Also in YouTube news, they are beginning to display community posts on the main page.


YouTube community posts

Why YouTube Community Posts On Your YouTube Channel Matter For Your Business

YouTube is a social network; however, they haven't done the best job to make it easy for viewers to engage with others outside of commenting on videos.

Now, when you visit your YouTube homepage, you may start to see YouTube community posts.

What this means is that you'll be able to see more updates and follow the content creators you regularly watch. You'll also be able to learn about other creators to connect with.

To read more about YouTube community posts, click here.

YouTube Blue Recommendation Bubbles

Also this week, YouTube began testing blue bubbles to show you YouTube recommendations.

YouTube recommendations

Why YouTube Recommendations Matter For Your Business

When viewing a YouTube video with the new blue bubble YouTube recommendations, you can now quickly access other channels, keywords and related videos.

As a business owner, your time is valuable and sometimes you don't have the time to go and find videos.

Instead, you rely on YouTube recommendations.

YouTube is enhancing their recommendations with new blue bubbles.

These will make it easier for you to quickly find the next video or channel to watch.

To learn more about new YouTube recommendations, click here.



In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.


Mojo App

The first tool that we have discovered this week is Mojo App.

Mojo App is a mobile app for iOS to help you create videos for Instagram Stories.

Here is one example of a video created with the Mojo App.

What makes Lensa unique is that while other photo editing apps require you to do all of the work, Lensa uses artificial intelligence to help automatically fix your photos for you!

Mojo App offers a free 1-month trial. You can then sign-up for their Pro plan for $9.99 per month or just $39.99 annually.

Mojo Pro will give you access to all templates and styles, let you create square and landscape video formats, add your own logo and much more!

Create videos for your Instagram Stories



The second tool that we have for you this week is the Leo Augmented Reality Camera.

LeoApp is a mobile app that makes it easy for you to create augmented reality videos.

What this means is that you take virtual objects and have them interact as if they were in your live environment.

Here is an example of LeoApp in a live environement.

We could see LeoApp being useful within Stories - Facebook or Instagram Stories for now, until they add more business-related objects.

The Leo augmented reality camera app is available as a free download to help you make augmented reality videos with little effort.

Download LeoApp



That's it for this week's show!

To watch next week's episode of Social Chatter, your weekly social media marketing talk show, tune-in here to find out what's new in social media!

If you have any questions about any of the social media news or tools that were mentioned this week, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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