A Winning Recipe for the Perfect Social Media Post

Perfect social media post

A Winning Recipe for the Perfect Social Media Post

While there may be no single perfect social media post, there are certain factors that increase a post’s popularity and effectiveness.

Use the ingredients below, and you may have a recipe for perfect social media posts.

A Winning Recipe for the Perfect Social Media Post

A winning recipe to create the perfect social media post. via Quicksprout

A winning recipe to create the perfect social media post. via Quicksprout



The title and video thumbnail are the key factors that will pull viewers in, so spend some time making those interesting. Your title shouldn’t be longer than 70 characters. Make sure you use keywords in your video description and video tags.


Facebook posts with pictures are typically the most popular, and including a link in your post can help you to get more traffic. After creating your post, make sure you spend some time responding to comments. This is one of the best ways to boost long-term engagement.

When companies engage and respond over social media, customers end up spending 20% to 40% more with the company.


On Twitter, make sure you don’t throw proper English out the window to keep your tweets within 140 characters – stay professional and think of more creative ways to shorten tweets. Using shortened urls can help you to stay within the limit. While we’re talking about length, if you can make your tweets a bit shorter than 140 characters, you’ll leave room for followers to retweet you with their own comments. You can use mentions and retweets to engage with your followers and maybe even find some new followers. Don’t forget to use hashtags; one or two is usually the ideal number, and remember that you can add images and videos to your tweets!


On Pinterest, users love colorful images. Try to include vibrant colors such as red, pink, orange, and dark green. Minimize the amount of space the background takes up, and take note that portrait pictures look better than landscape pictures.


You can post about trending topics and use hashtags to gain engagement from popular trends. Google+ users also love posts with images, ideally images that are 800x600. You can improve your engagement by interacting with comments and tagging other users and brands in your posts.

Over to You

Everyone's approach to creating a winning recipe for social media may vary.

What other ingredients would you put in your perfect social media post recipe?

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