10 Ways to Use Leadpages for Retail to Sell More Products

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10 Ways to Use Leadpages for Retail to Sell More Products

Would you like to generate more leads for your retail establishment?

Maybe you’re launching a new product and you want to generate some buzz?

Or you’re simply looking to build your email list so that you can pre-sell a new product to customers?

In this article, we’re going to teach you how using Leadpages for retail can help you:

  • Increase product awareness
  • Reach new and existing customers faster
  • Grow your email list
  • Sell more products
  • And more...

What is Leadpages?

As a retail establishment, you’re constantly bringing in new merchandise to sell.

With so many new products coming in, how can you effectively market all of the new products to your customers?

If you send too many emails, you can overwhelm your customers. Not enough and your products will have a difficult time selling.

Fortunately, this is where Leadpages can help!

With Leadpages, you can quickly put together beautiful landing pages to help you sell more products in just a few minutes!

Here is an example of a landing page that was built using Leadpages for retail.

Leadpages template for retail

Example of a landing page for a retail business built using Leadpages

Everything you see on this landing page can be edited in minutes.

By using Leadpages, you can quickly create professional looking pages to match your retail establishment or product that you’re offering.

Let’s take a look at some other powerful ways you can use Leadpages for retail.


10 Ways to Use Leadpages for Retail

1. Provide tips for customers

Leadpages mini-site template

One way to use Leadpages for retail businesses is to share tips with customers.

This can include short videos.

You can also use it to let your customers know who your staff members are.

One template we really like for this is the landing page/mini-site template.

While it looks like it is designed for a dentist office, it works great for a retail establishment.

Not only does this make it easy to create a one-page mini-site for your retail business, but you can also use it to help familiarize customers with the people and products at your business.

Because this is a mini-site template, you can also use it to build your email list at the same time.

This way you have another way to market your products to customers.
Build a mini-site  

2. Promote your mobile app

Leadpages Apptastic landing page template

Did you create a mobile app for your retail establishment to make it easier for customers to purchase from their mobile device?

Don’t let your app get overlooked.

Consider creating a landing page to promote your mobile app.

For this, we love using the apptastic mobile app template.

It is extremely customizable across any industry.

Once you have your landing page created, be sure you include a link to it from your website or mini-site.

This way customers know about it and can start to use it when making a retail purchase.
Build landing page for your mobile app  

3. Promote a new book

Leadpages Fit Book template

Do you have a new best-selling book you would like to promote?

Why not create a landing page to promote the book and display reviews for customers?

To promote books in your retail business, we like the fit book landing page template.
Promote a digital download or ebook  

4. Upsell customers

Leadpages Ultimate Lead Magnet template

Another way to use Leadpages for retail is to upsell customers.

Besides selling products directly to customers, maybe you want to educate them as well?

For example, you could create a downloadable guide to teach your customers how to save money when shopping at a retail business.

The ultimate lead magnet template can help you with this.

Simply create a guide around a topic related to your retail establishment and make it available for download to customers who opt-in to your email list.
Create a landing page for a lead magnet  

5. Run a contest

Leadpages Contest landing page template

Another powerful way Leadpages can help you retail business is when running contests.

Customers would need to provide you with their email address in exchange for an entry into your contest.

The contest landing page template can help you with this.

You can also use this as an opportunity to grow your retail establishments presence on social media by asking them to like your Facebook Page, follow you on Twitter and more!
Create a contest or giveaway  

6. Hold a webinar

Leadpages Ultimate Webinar Template

Besides just selling products, you may want to hold a weekly or monthly webinar to tell the customers on your email list about new products launching for the month.

With the ultimate webinar registration landing page template you can put together a quick webinar registration page and start signing up new customers.
Build a webinar page  

7. Promote your services

Leadpages Price King Template

In addition to selling physical and digital products, do offer other retail services such as being a personal shopper or alteration services?

If you have other services available, you might want to think about using the price king table template.

This landing page let’s you put together a list of services along with features and benefits you offer.
Create a pricing table  

8. Advertise holiday specials

Leadpages template for retail

Whenever your business is running a sale for the holidays, consider creating landing pages featuring products you’ll be putting on sale.

For this, you can try the holiday special landing page template.

Remember, you can create as many individual pages for your retail business to promote a specific product so don’t think you’re limited.
Create a holiday page  

9. Provide downloadable coupons

Leadpages Promo Landing Page Template

Every retail establishment should be building a prospects list of customers.

This way you can send out coupons, use it to tell customers about new products, or advertise additional services that you offer.

One way is to use the promo landing page template to build your subscriber list.

Besides having a dedicated page for newsletter sign-ups, you can also use Leadpages for retail to link one template to another.

For example, if you build a mini-site, you can provide a link to join your email newsletter on that landing page.

This way you’re not just educating, but using this as an opportunity to build and grow your list.

This way when new products are announced, you can let the customers on your list know about them ahead of time and start generating buzz for your retail business.
Start growing your email list  

10. Promote a podcast

Leadpages Podcasters Influencers Template

Have you created a podcast where you provide tips for customers on breaking into retail?

Maybe you want to get started collecting questions from your customers and turning those into a podcast?

With the podcasters on fire template, you can put this together in just a couple of minutes and start growing your retail business beyond just selling physical goods.
Grow your podcast subscriber list  

Recipe for success:

Start selling more products in your retail business with Leadpages.


By using Leadpages for retail, you can build more awareness around products you sell, grow your email list, and sell more products to customers.

What’s great is that Leadpages can be an extremely powerful tool for anyone in retail.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business or strictly run an ecommerce business, you can take advantage of using Leadpages for retail to grow different parts of your business.

Besides the ideas mentioned, can you think of other ways you would use Leadpages in your retail establishment?

We would love to hear what you come up with.

Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.


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