7 Ways to Get More Traffic From Instagram Today

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7 Ways to Get More Traffic From Instagram Today

How would you like to get more traffic from Instagram?

While a lot of people think you can't drive traffic with Instagram, you can.

In fact, in this article, we'll show you seven ways that you can use to get more traffic from Instagram starting today!

Let's take a look.

7 Ways to Drive More Traffic From Instagram

1. Add Instagram Bio Links

Instagram bio links - Social Chefs
One of the first ways to get more traffic from Instagram is to use your Instagram bio.

While you can only include one link, there are a number of useful tools you can use to increase the number of links that you can include in your bio.

2. Include A Short URL In Comments

Instagram post with comments

Another way you can use to drive more traffic from Instagram is to include a short URL in the comments.

First, you'll want to use a service such as Bitly to shorten your URL for Instagram.

Next, when you share a new post on Instagram, type out a message to your followers in the comments and include your shortened URL.

For example, we used this tactic to promote our weekly social media marketing talk show, Social Chatter.

The good news about using Bitly is that you'll be able to track how many clicks your link is generating by looking at your Bitly dashboard.
Bitly dashboard

3. Include Prices On Photos

A third way you can get more traffic from Instagram is to include prices on your photos.
Instagram photo with prices
A quick way to do this is to use a service such as Canva or one of these Instagram selling tools.

If you choose to use Canva, you can setup a template with a pricing bubble.

Simply import a photo that you want to share on Instagram, change the price, save it, and share it on Instagram.

The good thing is you can combine pricing on photos and a short URL in your Instagram comments to drive more traffic from Instagram.

Don't be afraid to include pricing either. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Customers won't have to waste time trying to find out how much your product is.

Instead, they can see your product in their feed and visit the comments for a link to go and buy it.

In no time, you'll get more traffic from Instagram and drive sales for your business.

4. Use Hashtags

Another often overlooked way to increase your traffic from Instagram is to use hashtags in your posts.

When you include relevant hashtags on Instagram, it helps to increase the number of people who see your content.

If you're using the other suggested tactics from above, this is a surefire way to help you drive traffic from Instagram to your blog or website.

When using hashtags in your Instagram posts, be sure to include around three.

You don't want to include too many because it can make it hard to follow your Instagram post caption.

When choosing hashtags for Instagram, you can do a quick search by typing out a word to see which hashtags have the largest reach.
Instagram hashtag search
By using hashtags in your Instagram post, you can help increase your overall reach and expose your content to new audiences.

Couple hashtags with a short URL in the comments, and you'll start to quickly increase traffic from Instagram.

5. Mention Your Website In Instagram Stories

Traffic from Instagram Stories
For those of you interested in using more video on Instagram, be sure you don't overlook Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are a way to share moments fro your day.

This can be in the form of photos or videos.

One way you can use Instagram Stories to increase traffic from Instagram is to mention your blog or social media channels during your Stories.

For example, say you published a new blog post.

Instead of waiting for people to come to your website, you can take a short video of your screen and share it as part of your Instagram Stories.

When you're recording your screen, be sure to mention how people can get to your blog post to read it. We recommend creating a short URL that's easy to remember for each post you plan to share on Instagram or point users to your Instagram bio link we mentioned earlier.

6. Watermark Images

Every minute, 46,740 photos are posted to Instagram. How can you tap into this growing number and drive traffic from it?

One way is to watermark all of the images that you upload.
Watermarked Instagram photo
For example, whenever we publish a new blog post, every image includes our website URL.

You can carryover this same practice to your Instagram content to increase the amount of traffic to your site.

There are a few ways you can watermark your images. One of those is to use Canva. You can also try out Watermark, an online tool.

We also like using Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo to quickly accomplish this task.


7. Give Value to Get More Traffic

One final way that you can drive traffic from Instagram is to give a lot of value.

If you have a relatively small audience on Instagram, you can't expect every new post to drive traffic.

It's a process and something you have to work at with each new post you share.

If you're not sure you're on the right track, you can always use Instagram's interactive polls to survey your audience.
Instagram Stories interactive poll stickers
Over time, you'll build up credibility with your Instagram followers and strengthen your community to the point that they want to then go check out your blog or other services that you offer.

For those of you looking to drive traffic from Instagram, remember, it isn't about the quantity. You don't need to post every second of every day. Instead, focus on the quality of content that you share.

Tweetable - Want to drive traffic from Instagram? Share valuable content with your audience.

Be sure that what you're sharing fits into your overall strategy for your Instagram channel.

If you're not sure if the content you're sharing is the right kind of content that your audience is interested in, reach out to your followers and ask them for feedback.

Over To You

You've just learned seven ways you can use to increase your traffic from Instagram.

As you can see, these are strategies you can start to implement immediately on your Instagram channel to drive more people back to your website, blog, podcast, live video, services and more!

Besides the ones mentioned, what other ways are you using to increase traffic from Instagram?

Let me know in the comments what ideas you come up with.

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