Social Snacks Episode 3: How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Social Snacks Episode 3: How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Do you run a business with a physical location such as a brick-and-mortar business?

Would you like to be able to reach people when they are near your business?

This way you can get them to come into your business to check out your products and services.

Or better yet, target them with specials, discounts, and related content based on their location.

In this episode of Social Snacks, you’ll learn how to create Facebook local awareness ads.

This way you can target customers on Facebook when they are near your local business.

How Facebook Local Awareness Ads Work

When you are running Facebook local awareness ads and someone is near your business based on the ad targeting demographics you set, when they go on Facebook, they should see the Facebook Ads that you are running.

Right now there are two types of call-to-action buttons you can use to connect your business with your local audience.

Call now

Facebook Ads - Call now

When someone clicks the “call now” button in your Facebook Ad, their mobile device will call your business.

Get directions

Facebook Ads - Get directions

If you are using the “get directions” button, when someone clicks this button, it will launch their maps application and direct them to your business.

What’s great about Facebook local awareness ads is that you can set these up in minutes right on your Facebook Page.

How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

To learn how to setup Facebook local awareness ads, watch this short video tutorial.



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1. Go to your Facebook Page


2. Click on the promote option

Promote your local business on your Facebook Page

3. Select Promote your local business

Promote your local business on Facebook

4. Setup your Facebook local awareness ads

Promote local business - Facebook Local Awareness Ads objective
If you've optimized your Facebook Page, your address and phone number should show up.

Choose a radius, age, and gender for your target demographics.

Enter your lifetime budget and select when you want your Facebook Ads to run.

At this point, Facebook will provide an estimate on your daily reach.

5. Upload six graphics and the text you want in your Facebook Ads.

Be sure your Facebook Ads don’t take up more than 20 percent of the image.

You can check your images using the Facebook Ads tool.

6. Set your call-to-action button

Facebook Ads call-to-action buttons

Under the Facebook Call-to-Action button section, choose “call now” or “get directions.”

7. Place your order for your Facebook Ads



By running hyper-local Facebook Ads that are targeted to the right people, you can start to reach more of your local audience.

Now that you know how to create local awareness Facebook Ads, instead of just running Facebook Ads targeted at all of your fans, you can run some Facebook Ads using the local awareness objective.

This way you can target different audiences with content that is relevant to where they are located.

If you have additional questions on creating local Facebook Ads, head over to the discussion in our Facebook Group or share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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