Social Chatter Episode 68: Periscope Live 360 Video

Social Chatter: Episode 68 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 68: Periscope Live 360 Video

Welcome to this week's episode of Social Chatter where we cover the latest social media news from this past week.

Each episode of Social Chatter is available as a blog post or video.

Let's see what's new in social media this week with your hosts, Christian Karasiewicz and Nick Rishwain!

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Periscope Live 360 Video

In Periscope news, they have rolled out live 360 video.

With Periscope live 360 video, you will be able to see 360 video from Periscope or Twitter.

Here is what Periscope live 360 video looks like.

When an account is sharing live 360 video, the video will have a "Live 360" badge like this.

Periscope live 360 video badge

Why Periscope Live 360 Video Matters

It's about time Periscope offered live 360 video.

Facebook already has Facebook live video and multiple 360 products (photos, videos).

If Twitter wants to keep its users happy, they also need to embrace live 360 video.

We think this is a great feature to have.

As a business owner, this is an important update because you now have an opportunity to share moments with your followers without them being there.

For example, say you are putting on an event.

You could schedule segments during the event where you are using Periscope live 360 video to share snippets of your time at the event.

We're excited to see how Periscope's live 360 video does.

Right now, live 360 video is being rolled out to select partners; however, you can join the waitlist.

To learn more about Periscope 360 video go here.


Animations, Stickers, Masks and More In Facebook Messenger Conversations

Facebook Messenger (iOS | Android) added new animations, text and more.

Here is what the new animations look like.
Facebook Messenger camera

As you can see, they are very similar to what Snapchat offers.

To use the new animations in your Facebook Messenger conversations, launch the Facebook Messenger app.

Tap on the shutter button. This will take a photo.

If you press and hold on the camera icon, this will take a video.

From there, you can add different animations, text and more.

Why Animations, Stickers, Masks and More Matter in Facebook Messenger Conversations

According to Peter Martinazzi, Facebook Messenger's director of product management, one of the biggest trends we've seen on mobile and on Messenger over the past few years is that people are getting more visual in their messages, using things like emoji and stickers. It's something that's growing faster than overall messaging is growing. And messaging overall is growing pretty fast."

By adding these visuals to Messenger conversations, this will further engrain users into the Facebook ecosystem.

For more information about the new stickers, masks, animations and more in Messenger, go here.

More Ways to Share Moments on Facebook

Facebook news feed moments

Also in Facebook news, they are introducing a marketing program to encourage people to share and talk about events and moments in their community.

According to Facebook, "messages from Facebook will appear at the top of News Feed about a specific event or moment."

Their aim is to:

  • Give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events
  • Help people discover fun and interesting cultural moments
  • Celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected

Why new ways to share moments on Facebook Matter

One example on sharing moments on Facebook took place over the holidays.

Facebook encouraged people to share a holiday card with their friends.

Here is a sample video of sharing moments on Facebook.

While you can't specifically share messages as your business with customers, we would love to see this functionality come to Facebook Pages.

At the moment, you could use this new message feature to share messages with customers who you are connected with through your Facebook Profile.

To learn more about new message sharing on Facebook, FAQs.

Disney to Create Shows for Snapchat

In Snapchat news, Disney is working on creating shows for Snapchat.

Why Disney Shows on Snapchat Matter

This is an important partnership between Disney and Snapchat because it gives Disney an opportunity to reach a younger viewer on Snapchat.

With attention spans at an all-time low at around 8.25 seconds, Disney can create micro-content to capture a viewers attention.

As a business owner, while we don't know whether these will be a string of ten second shows or snaps driving to longer episodes, it is a good time to begin thinking how you might create your own show using 10-second clips.

You can read more about Disney and their shows for Snapchat here.


In addition to sharing the latest in social media news from this past week, we also highlighted some great tools and apps to check out.

Hashtag Spy

Hashtag Spy - iOS

With Hashtag Spy (iOS), you can quickly see which hashtags a Twitter account is using.

As a business owner, you can use this app to evaluate influencers.

It can also be extremely useful for analyzing your competitors on Twitter.

Hashtag Spy will look through a users last 2,000 tweets and is a great tool for social media managers, CMO's and other marketing professionals.

Hashtag Spy is a free app from Chris Baier.

You can download it below.

Download Hashtag Spy  


Yappie - iOS

The next tool we wanted to share with you is called Yappie (iOS).

Yappie is an app that can aggregate your favorite podcasts and help you communicate with other people who share a common interest.

In addition to the community building aspect of Yappie, you can share and create your own bite-sized podcasts.

Yappie also includes powerful social sharing functionality where you can share the exact moment in a podcast you want to share on Facebook or Twitter.

This way your followers don't have to listen to the entire episode just to get to the good parts.

Yappie is a free app. You can download it below.

Download Yappie  

Calendar X

Calendar X

The last tool we wanted to share this week is called Calendar X (web).

Calendar X is a very neat app.

What makes Calendar X unique is that you can create a calendar, add a "follow your calendar" button to your website, add events, and then have your audience follow.

As a business owner, when someone follows your calendar, you can then communicate with them through events, activities, promotions and more that you've added to your calendar.

This gives your business a powerful advantage because most people use their calendar app on their mobile device.

You can now promote special deals, upcoming events and more to your customers.

You can get started with Calendar X for free.

They also offer Basic, Premium and Enterprise plans, starting at $7.

Try Calendar X  


That's it for this week's episode of Social Chatter.

Be sure to tune-in to our next episode of Social Chatter to find out what's new in social media!

If you have any questions about of the social media news or tools that were mentioned this week, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.


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