Social Chatter Episode 160: Facebook Portal Google Plus Shuts Down and Instagram Bullying Tools

Social Chatter: Episode 160 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 160: Facebook Portal Google Plus Shuts Down and Instagram Bullying Tools

Welcome to this week's episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show where we cover the latest social media news from this past week.

On this week's episode of Social Chatter, your weekly social media marketing talk show, we explore Facebook Portal, Instagram bullying controls using artificial intelligence, Google Plus shutting down, Relink, a newsletter for Facebook Pages and more with Christian Karasiewicz, Jessika Phillips and guest, Megan Powers.

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Let's see what's new in social media this week with your hosts, Christian Karasiewicz and Jessika Phillips.

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Facebook Portal For Messenger

In Facebook news, they are launching Facebook Portal, a video communication device to help you stay connected with friends, family and customers using artificial intelligence.

Here is a short video about Facebook Portal.


Why Facebook Portal Matters For Your Business

Facebook Portal will make it easier for you to enjoy time with friends and family over video.

What's really neat about Facebook Portal is that it will use artificial intelligence along with a smart camera and smart sound to make it easy for you to make video calls that look and sound great.

For example, the smart camera will automatically pan and zoom to keep people in view.

Smart sound will help filter out unwanted noise. This way your calls with up to seven people at one time are crystal clear.

In addition, Facebook Portal includes voice control and Amazon Alexa support built right in. This way you'll be able to get access to important information such as the weather, control your smart home and more using your voice.

Facebook also makes it easy for you to disable the microphone or camera with a single tap. They also don't plan to listen, view or keep the contents of your Facebook Portal video calls.

They also plan to offer two models. The first, Facebook Portal, has a 10-inch 1280 x 800 display. It is priced at $199.

You can get the Portal+, which offers a 15 - inch 1920 x 1080 display, which pivots. The price is $349.

If you get two devices - maybe one for you and your business partner, they will take $100 off the total price.

Right now, they're available for pre-order here.

Overall, we could see these being great Christmas gifts if you want to stay-in-touch with friends and family or purchase them for your office if you work with a remote team.

To read more about Facebook Portal, click here.

Interactive YouTube Ads With Downloads

In YouTube news, they launching interactive ads that support downloads.

Why Interactive YouTube Ads That Support Downloads Matter For Your Business

Would you like to go beyond just getting subscribers on your YouTube channel or the casual viewer?

YouTube is launching interactive YouTube Ads that support downloads.

What this means is that you'll be able to create more interactive YouTube ads.

For example, instead of having to click off of a video, you'll be able to make purchases, download an item and more right from these new ads.

As a result, you can capture a viewers attention immediately, rather than have them click-off to your website, only to get distracted along the way.

We think this is a great idea for businesses who have a presence on YouTube.

To read more about interactive YouTube ads with downloads, click here.

Control Instagram Bullying Using AI

In Instagram news, they are rolling out new tools to limit bullying and spread kindness on Instagram.

These new tools include using artificial intelligence to detect bullying in Instagram photos.

In addition, Instagram is also rolling out bullying comment filters on Instagram live videos.

Here is what these settings look like.

Comment controls for Instagram bullying

Instagram is also rolling out a "kindness camera effect". To get this, they want you to follow Maddie Ziegler, a best-selling teen author, dancer and actor. When you do this, the camera effect will be automatically added under the "face icon" when you launch your camera in Instagram.

Why Tools To Control Bullying On Instagram Matter For Your Business

Bullying doesn't just apply to people. Businesses, public figures, celebrities, athletes, etc all face bullying. Instagram is trying to help you better control this when it happens through the use of artificial intelligence or AI.

This update will help you automatically remove photos and comments that Instagram deems are bullying.

This way you aren't wasting your time on them. It will also help to clean-up the users on Instagram.

To read the announcement about Instagram bullying tools, click here.

Square Offering Installment Payment Option For Sellers

Are you using Square, a PayPal-like payment processor in your business?

They are now starting to operate like a bank and allowing sellers to split payments into installments for customers.

Square installments

Why Square Installments Matter For Your Business

Square is giving you the opportunity to help make more sales by letting you split payments into installations.

Customers won't have a strict approval process. They will be charged an additional percentage based on Square recommendations after doing a credit check on a user.

As a business owner, if you're new, more and more small businesses can benefit from using Square to get started.

Normally, you would have needed to use an expensive payment processor. Square helps you get started, while still being able to offer flexible options for customers to make purchases from you.

You can read more about Square letting sellers charge customers in installments, click here.

Google Plus Shutting Down August, 2019

In Google Plus news, they are shutting down Google Plus in 2019 because .

Why A Google Plus Shutdown Matters For Your Business

Google Plus provided good SEO value if you used it. Unfortunately, not a lot of people did. As a result, they weren't able to gain a lot of traction.

If you were using Google Plus for consumer purchases, you'll no longer be able to come August 2019.

If you're using Google for your business, you'll still want to maintain your presence - that part is not going anywhere.

While Google Plus has been dying a slow death for years, the time has come for it to be shut down.

As a business, our advice is to maintain your presence. One additional benefit of Google Plus shutting down is that you'll now have fewer social media channels to have to try and spread your message to.

You can read more about the Google Plus shutdown here.


In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.

Relike For Facebook Pages

The first tool that we have discovered this week is Relike (web).

Do you find it more and more difficult to reach your customers on your Facebook Page?

If you aren't paying for Facebook Ads, it can be more difficult to get your message in front of your customers.

Fortunately, there's a new tool called Relike for Facebook Pages that can help.

What Relike does is it helps you set up and run a newsletter for your brand.

Users can opt-in to receive a customizable email newsletter of just your Facebook Page updates.

Relike for Facebook Pages

Reliek is currently used by a number of recognized brands including Netflix, Louis Vuitton and recording artist, Bruno Mars among others.

Relike is available for free for up to 2,000 emails sent per month. You can upgrade to their Premium and Business plans, starting at $6 per month.

You can try Relink for your Facebook Page using the following link, and start to get your Facebook Page updates in-front of more of your audience.

Try Relike for your Facebook Page  


The second tool that we have for you this week is Temi (web).

Do you need to transcribe your speeches, Facebook Live or YouTube videos?

Manual text transcription can take a lot of your time.

If you're a busy business owner who is short on time, consider trying Temi, a speech to text transcription service.

Their process is very easy. Simply upload any audio or video file, edit the transcription that they provide, and save or export it to many popular formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, SRT, VTT and more.

Once you have your file, you can quickly add closed-captioning to your videos or republish your transcription on your blog.

You can try Temi for free using the following link. Prices are $0.10 per minute.

Try Temi  


That's it for this week's show!

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