10 iPhone Apps to Manage Facebook More Effectively!

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10 iPhone Apps to Manage Facebook More Effectively!

When you first started using Facebook, you could get away with just one mobile app.

As Facebook has grown, they have started to breakout their apps to help you manage Facebook better.

Today, the casual Facebook user has the Facebook mobile app along with a separate Messenger app.

If you’re a business looking to manage your businesses presence on Facebook, you’ll need considerably more apps on your iPhone to help you manage different areas of your Facebook marketing.

In this article, you’ll learn about ten iPhone apps that can help you manage Facebook more efficiently!

This way you can spend more time focusing on growing your business on Facebook rather than just managing it!

Let’s take a look at this colletion of must-have iPhone apps to help you manage Facebook better.

10 Must-have iPhone Apps to Manage Facebook

1. Facebook

Facebook Mobile App

Browse your Facebook news feed, view personal profile notifications, connect with friends and family, post to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups.
Install Facebook Mobile  

2. Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Send private messages between friends or groups or people. You can also use Facebook Messenger to share animated GIFs and send money to people. Facebook Messenger also works on Apple Watch.
Install Facebook Messenger  

3. Giphy for Messenger

Giphy for Messenger

Share animated GIFs from the Facebook Messenger app.
Install Giphy for Messenger  

4. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager

Manage your Facebook Pages from your Apple iPhone. With Facebook Page Manager, you can post updates to your Facebook Page, view page insights, manage and delete comments, and respond to messages your business has received.
Install Facebook Pages Manager  

5. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

Create and manage Facebook Ads on the go, view Facebook Ad insights and pause existing ads from your iPhone.
Install Facebook Ads Manager  

6. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups for iOS

With the Facebook Groups app, you can join, manage and participate in Facebook Groups, edit group posts, join in group chats and add and remove members.
Install Facebook Groups  

7. Paper

Facebook Paper

View the latest trending new on Facebook with Paper. Facebook’s Paper app also let’s you share articles on your personal profile, view private messages, and view friend requests.
Install Paper  

8. Facebook Mentions

Mentions by Facebook

Are you a celebrity, musician, athlete or public figure on Facebook? If you have a verified Facebook account, you can use the Mentions app to connect with fans through Q&As or live video for Mentions.
Install Mentions  

9. Rooms


With the Rooms app, you can create rooms to discuss topics and interests with others.
Install Rooms  

10. Slingshot

Slingshot by Facebook

Create photos and looping videos for Facebook using the Slingshot app. You can also filter, draw and caption your moments throughout the day.
Install Slingshot  

Bonus Tip
Create a folder on your iOS device to store all of the apps you use to manage Facebook. This way they're all in one convenient place!

Organize Facebook Apps



You may be wondering why you need so many apps to manage Facebook.

Think about the purpose of each app. If you tried doing all of those things on a mobile device from within one app, it would likely be very time-consuming (and frustrating to get some of them done).

Instead of trying to fit every feature into the same space, each app has its own space to work with.

Select the app for what you need to do in your Facebook marketing. Complete the task, and move onto the next app!

This way you can get more things done without getting distracted.

Besides the app mentioned to help you manage Facebook on your iPhone, are there any other apps you are using?

We would love for you to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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  • Maggie Holbik

    Many of these I have but some are new, like Rooms. Sounds Interesting!

    • Rooms definitely has a lot of potential. We could see using that in addition to running a separate group. Maybe use rooms to bring together users on a specific topic to discuss it in more detail? What do you think @maggieholbik:disqus?

      • Maggie Holbik

        Yes my mind is swimming with uses for those rooms lol! So many exciting options opening up every day in the land of Social Media. 🙂

        • Ours is too @maggieholbik:disqus. Feel free to share some of the ideas you come up with – maybe we can help you build off them.

    • My favorite is the Facebook Groups app. It’s nicely organized and easy to navigate. I think once you spend some time with Rooms, you’ll find all sorts of uses for it.