Social Snacks Episode 12: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Multiple Account Switching

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  • Jonathan Chacko

    Thanks for sharing this and I’m glad they have finally added this functionality! I still hope that someday they’ll allow links in the text of an Instagram post. Also, a simple way to view the stats of your various posts within the app would be stellar … maybe things like the Top10 most liked or commented on posts?

    And of course, being able to schedule posts from within the app or without a need for third-party web apps/software.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article @jon@jonathanchacko:disqus. I agree, it would be great to be able to include links within an Instagram post. They’re probably trying to work out the process. The same for scheduling. They’ve made a good deal of progress in the past few months. Hopefully there will be more updates later this year.

    • Good suggestions @jonathanchacko:disqus. Which software are you currently using to schedule posts to Instagram? Both from the desktop as well as from mobile?

      • Jonathan Chacko

        Right now we’re using Latergramme all around.

        • Hi Jon, let me know if you ever have any questions or feedback on using Latergramme. You can tweet to @latergramme or @bystephie!

        • Thanks @jonathanchacko:disqus! Did you look at any others before going with them? If so, which ones?

          • Jonathan Chacko

            @SocialChefs We looked at a few and didn’t choose any others before choosing Latergramme. We looked at Schedugram, Takeoff and AutoGrammer

          • @jon@jonathanchacko:disqus, those are all great options! What was it about Latergramme that got you to go with them over the others? Was there a specific feature that they offered? Was it their price? Something else compared to ScheduGram, Takeoff and AutoGrammer?

          • Jonathan Chacko

            It ended up being a pricing issue at the end of the day. I knew I would eventually need more users, but wasn’t sure how many. I knew I would need at have atleast 3 accounts, but could grow up to 10…but again I didn’t know for sure. Also, knowing we could upload and schedule through a web platform was very important. Latergramme gave free access for 1 user and 1 account so we could experiment and see if we like the process before paying. A 7 day free trial isn’t long enough.

          • They definitely need a longer trial. What length of time do you think is optimal @jonathanchacko:disqus? 14 days or 30? 30 days seems too long, but at the same time, you need time to experiment and test within your current social media marketing plan.

          • @jonathanchacko:disqus, good thinking (and planning). This way you can familiarize yourself with the tool and scale up when you’re ready.

          • @jonathanchacko:disqus, thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting. Would love to hear what you liked about Latergramme over ScheduGram. They’re both fantastic tools for Instagram. Was it their price, specific features or were they just easier to use?

          • Jonathan Chacko

            Latergramme seemed easier to use and could use for 1 user for free — which allows for lower barrier to entry without knowing the future of how it’ll be used.

  • Lenia Doumi

    Hi Christian!
    Thank you for publishing such useful infos.

    If you please, I kindly wish for your advice.

    I am working on a Facebook Business Page for a distant client and I need to create an Instagram Business Profile for him also. So far, he doesn’t have any Facebook or Instagram Profiles (personal + business).

    1. How can I help my client from distance, using my own phone, without me logging out of my personal Instagram Profile?
    2. How will he be able to handle his Instagram Business Profile from his own phone? (If it is already added on my personal account)
    3. If he needs me to still see and handle his account after created, can we both be logged in from our phones (or tablet, pc) at the same time?

    Waiting eagerly for your response.
    Thank you in andance!