Social Snacks Episode 9: How to Create an Instagram Marketing Funnel

How to Setup an Instagram Marketing Funnel - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 9: How to Create an Instagram Marketing Funnel

Is Instagram part of your businesses social media strategy?

If so, you'll want to be sure you have an Instagram marketing funnel setup.

While engagement is nice (and important), you also need a way to capture new leads and eventually convert them into customers.

On this episode of Social Snacks, we'll show you how to create an Instagram marketing funnel.

This way you can go beyond just likes and comments and start to build and grow your presence on Instagram.


The Tools

Before you can create your Instagram marketing funnel, you'll need a few tools first.


1. An Instagram account


If you want to create an Instagram marketing funnel, you'll need to have an Instagram account.

If you have a personal account, I recommend creating an additional account specifically for your business.

This way you don't alienate the people who follow your personal account by sharing unrelated posts about your business.

If you are your business and you share a healthy mix of personal and business-related content, use the one account.

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2. LeadPages

The second tool you'll need when setting up your Instagram marketing funnel is LeadPages.

LeadPages is a landing page creation tool that will handle the bulk of your Instagram funnel.

It's the place where your followers can learn more about your business and what you're offering.

You'll also use LeadPages to sign-up your Instagram followers on your email list.

This way you can start to provide them with the value you mention on the landing page you create using LeadPages.

With LeadPages, you'll also be able to track and measure the success of your Instagram marketing funnel such as how many people visit the page and how many opt-in.

This way you can learn what is working and make adjustments as-needed.

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3. A Bitly account


The last tool you'll need to create your Instagram marketing funnel is a Bitly account.

Bitly will be used to help you create a custom URL.

You'll also be able to track how many people click on your Bitly link from Instagram.

This way you know how successful your initial link is to get followers into your Instagram marketing funnel.

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How to Create an Instagram Marketing Funnel

Now that you have the tools, watch this short video on how to setup your Instagram marketing funnel.



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1. Create a landing page in LeadPages

LeadPages Templates

The first step when creating your Instagram marketing funnel is to decide what landing page you want to use.

Do you want to provide an informational page for Instagram users who follow your link?

Maybe you want to provide a video series or offer a downloadable guide.

LeadPages offers hundreds of free and paid templates to choose from.

Pick one that meets the goal of your business you are trying to achieve.

Once you've created the landing page where you'll take your Instagram users to, the last thing you need to do is create a Bitly URL.


2. Create a custom URL using Bitly

Custom Bitly URL

After you've created your landing page where you'll direct your Instagram followers to, you need to create a custom Bitly URL.

What you'll want to do here is take the URL for your landing page in LeadPages and enter it into Bitly.

LeadPages URL

Then customize the ending of your URL so that it is easy to remember.

This is also the URL you'll add to your Instagram bio.


3. Update your Instagram bio

Instagram Bio

The last step is to update your Instagram bio.

Take the Bitly URL you created and include it in your bio.

You now have an Instagram marketing funnel you can use to generate leads and grow your business using Instagram.

Now when someone clicks on your link in your bio, they'll start going through your Instagram funnel.

Once you've created your funnel, the only thing left to do is to remind your followers to check out your Instagram bio.

This way you can be sure to fill your Instagram funnel with new leads and potentially generate more sales with Instagram.



Hopefully you're started thinking about what types of offers you want to include in your Instagram marketing funnel.

You have a lot of options to choose from.

Remember, you don't have to sell your audience at first.

Use this as an opportunity to get your Instagram followers into your funnel and slowly warm them up, moving them further down the funnel.

If you need help setting up your Instagram marketing funnel, be sure to contact us for help.

If you have your Instagram funnel already setup, we would love to see them.

Please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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