Social Snacks Episode 30: How to Quickly Setup Facebook Response Assistant for Facebook Pages

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Social Snacks Episode 30: How to Quickly Setup Facebook Response Assistant for Facebook Pages

Want to create instant replies using Facebook response assistant?

Maybe you are looking for a more efficient way to manage messages on your Facebook Page?

Or you have a lot of customers send you customer service questions, but those are managed on one of your other social media channels?

On this episode of Social Snacks, you will learn how to setup Facebook response assistant on your Facebook Page.

This way your business can stay on-top of messages you receive from customers through your Facebook Page and improve the customer support that you provide.

What Is Facebook Response Assistant?

Facebook response assistant is a feature for your Facebook Page to create instant replies when customers message your business.

Here is an example of a Facebook response assistant message.
Facebook response assistant on mobile

You can create your own response assistant messages that send out a reply based on certain criteria that you set.

Let's take a look at how you create instant replies using Facebook response assistant.

How to Setup Facebook Response Assistant


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1. Go to your Facebook Page

Social Chefs Facebook Page

2. Click on Settings > Messaging

Facebook Page - Messaging settings

In your Facebook Page settings, look for the "messaging" section.

3. Create Facebook Response Assistant Messages

Now that you are in the response assistant settings on your Facebook Page, it's time to setup Facebook response assistant messages.

You can create a message up to 250 characters to send when someone messages your Page.

Here are the types of instant replies you can create with response assistant.

  • Response time
  • Stay responsive when you can't get to your computer or phone
  • Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page
  • Show a messenger greeting

Let's take a look at what each of these response assistant messaging options does.
Facebook response assistant

The first option is response time.

Response time is a feature that will be displayed on your Facebook Page when you have "responded to 75% of the messages you receive within a day or less."

Once you have reached this response rate, Facebook will give you the option to turn response time on or off on your Page.

If you plan to be very active when responding to Facebook Page messages, consider leaving this feature on so that your response time appears on your page for your customers.

The second option is stay responsive when you can't get to your computer or phone.

When you turn this option on, it brings up a Message / Schedule option.
Facebook Page away message

Here you would enter an instant reply message.

If you want to personalize your Facebook response assistant messages, you can click on the "add personalization" option.

This will allow you to add a person's first name, last name, full name, as well as your businesses website URL or your phone number (pulled from your Facebook Page settings).

Once you enter a message, next, you need to set your schedule.
Facebook Page message schedule

By setting a schedule, when someone messages your business and you are away from your Page, they will get the message you setup in response assistant.

You might want to set this type of messaging option when you're going to be working on projects, attending a conference or giving a webinar.

You can also add a link to your response assistant message as well in case you need to direct people to reach out to you another way such as via email, phone, and so on.

Another option when setting up Facebook response assistant is to send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page.
Facebook instant replies

This messaging option will be sent to anyone who messages your Facebook Page.

Most businesses will want to setup this type of message in their Facebook response assistant settings.

If you primarily drive customers back to your website or another social media channel instead of your Facebook Page for customer support issues, be sure you mention this in your message.

Also be sure to let them know how quickly you usually respond, such as "please allow 24-48 hours for a response."

One last messaging option is to show a messenger greeting when a customer messages your Facebook Page.

This is what a Messenger greeting looks like.
Facebook Messenger greeting

When someone opens Facebook Messenger, this is the Messenger greeting that they will see.

With your Messenger greeting, you have up to 160 characters for your greeting.

You may want to have a greeting that uses the personalization option to welcome them by their first name.

If you have an issue going on within your business such as delayed shipping, you may want to tell them you're working to address it.

When setting up your Facebook response assistant messages, consider turning some of these on depending on how much your business encourages customers to message you through your Facebook Page.

In addition to setting up response assistant, here are answers to some common questions.

Questions About Facebook Response Assistant

Here are some answers to common questions we've been asked about using response assistant on a Facebook Page.

Can I Use Facebook Response Assistant On A Facebook Profile?

Right now, no. Response assistant only works on Pages and not on Profiles.

Can I Setup Facebook Response Assistant for Multiple Languages?

At the moment, no. Facebook response assistant cannot be set up for multiple languages.

When you change the language on your account, this also changes what shows up in the response assistant.

If you want to provide a response in multiple languages, you can type out your message response in another program such as Google Translate and copy and paste it into Facebook response assistant.

Can I Mange Facebook Response Assistant From Mobile?

Yes. You will need to have the Facebook Pages Manager app (iOS | Android).

Within the app, look under Settings > Instant Reply.

You can enable instant replies as well as an away message for your Facebook Page.

Over to You

As you can see, Facebook response assistant is a valuable tool for business owners looking to keep their customers better informed.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up response assistant on your Facebook Page, yet you can save lots of time in the process because it adds instant replies when customers message you on Facebook.

By setting up instant replies, you can use it to direct customers to the proper communication channels for your business or just let them know you're aware of an issue without having to try and keep on-top of every message that you receive.

Besides the ideas we mentioned, can you think of any other ways you would use Facebook response assistant?

Please share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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