Social Snacks Episode 28: 14 Tools For Easily Creating Videos On Instagram

Creating Videos on Instagram - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 28: 14 Tools For Easily Creating Videos On Instagram

When you are creating videos on Instagram, do you find all of your videos start to look the same?

For example, it is either you on-camera or you're filming someone else.

If this is your first time creating videos for Instagram, this type of video will work for now.

Eventually though, if you want to build an audience that will keep coming back to check out your Instagram channel, you have to get creative with your videos.

When it comes to video though, most people have a pre-conceived notion that it takes a lot of time to create videos for Instagram.

On this episode of Social Snacks, you will learn about 14 tools you can use when creating videos on Instagram.

With these tools, you can create many different types of videos in just a few minutes that you can then share on Instagram.

Let's take a look at tools that can help you quickly create videos on Instagram that look amazing!

14 Tools For Creating Videos On Instagram


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1. Ripl

Ripl - iOS

Ripl (iOS | Android) is an easy-to-use app for creating animated posts.

Not only can these be shared on Instagram, but you can also repurpose them on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

Ripl is available as a freemium app.

You can also upgrade to Ripl Pro which will unlock the following features:

  • Pro design catalog: Unlimited access to 100+ animated designs, with new designs added every week!
  • Custom logo: Promote your brand and build awareness by adding a custom logo or watermark to your Ripl posts
  • Pro music library: Choose from dozens of Pro-only tracks, or upload your own music for your animated posts
  • Pro font library: Choose from hundreds of font styles in every design
  • Post scheduling: Create posts in advance and schedule them for the best time to reach your audience
  • Save your videos: Export MP4 videos of your posts for increased flexibility

You can download Ripl below.

Download Ripl  

2. Flipagram

Flipagram - iOS

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to tell your businesses story?

With Flipagram (iOS | Android), you can create your own mini movies in seconds.

You can choose to use just photos or combine them with videos.

If you want to make your movies stand out, Flipagram also lets you add text, music and other visual elements to them.

Once you're satisfied with your videos on Flipagram, you can share them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more!

Flipagram is a freemium app. You can download it below.

Download Flipagram  

3. Your Camera App

Apple iPhone camera app

Sometimes when you're creating videos on Instagram, you don't need fancy apps.

Instead, you can use your camera app.

For example, if you are an Apple iPhone user, you can record different styles of video that you can then post to Instagram.

If you decide to record your own videos, be sure you keep them to 60 seconds or less as that is the limit that you're allowed.

When recording video for Instagram using the iPhone's camera app, here are the options you have.

  • Video
  • Slo-Mo
  • Time-lapse

Experiment with each of them to see which one your audience engages with the most.

4. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost - iOS

Another one of our favorite Instagram video tools is PicPlayPost (iOS | Android).

PicPlayPost is very similar to Flipagram in that you can combine photos and videos together into a mini movie.

You can also add animated GIFs to your movies that you create.

With PicPlayPost, you can quickly create a video collage from the different types of media that you've gathered.

PicPlayPost is a freemium app. You can download it below.

Download PicPlayPost  

5. Clipper

Clipper - iOS

Next up, we have Clipper (iOS).

If you're looking to add more stylish effects to your videos that you create for Instagram, take a look at Clipper.

With Clipper, you can arrange your clips, add music, apply beautiful effects and more in seconds to create stunning mini-movies.

Clipper is also a freemium app. You can download it and test it out below.

Download Clipper  

6. Instagram

Instagram - iOS

If you're looking to create videos for Instagram, don't overlook using the native Instagram app (iOS | Android).

While your videos won't look slick or overproduced with the exception of adding basic filters to your videos, they will help you tell your story in an authentic way!

The Instagram app is a free app. You can download it below.

Download Instagram  

7. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse from Instagram - iOS

Another tool we like using for creating videos on Instagram is Hyperlapse from Instagram (iOS).

Hyperlapse from Instagram is an app for creating time lapse videos (videos that are sped up).

Here is an example of a video created using Hyperlapse from Instagram.

Normally, you would need expensive equipment to create this type of video; however, the app uses Instagram's in-house stabilization and creates polished videos for your business!

All you need to do is bring the ideas for your Hyperlapse videos.

Hyperlapse from Instagram is a free app. You can download it below.

Download Hyperlapse  

8. Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang from Instagram - iOS

When creating videos on Instagram, remember, not all of them have to be very long.

If you want to experiment with a different type of video, download Boomerang from Instagram (iOS | Android) and give it a try.

Boomerang can take a burst of photos and turn them into a looping mini movie.

You can then share them on Instagram or Facebook.

Boomerang from Instagram is a free app. You can download it below.

Download Boomerang from Instagram  

9. Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

An unconventional way to create videos to share on Instagram is to use Snapchat Spectacles.

While Spectacles are primarily for taking and sharing video on Snapchat, you can download the videos that you record and then share them on Instagram or anywhere else you want to.

Here is an example of what videos look like using Snapchat Spectacles.

You can buy a pair of Snapchat Spectacles for $130.00 from a Snapchat vending machine or here.

Get Snapchat Spectacles  

10. iMovie

Apple iMovie - iOS

Another app you can use when you're creating videos for Instagram is Apple iMovie (Desktop | iOS).

If you decide to use Apple iMovie, you will want to change the aspect ratio for your videos to a square.

This way they fit the Instagram format and your video can be seen on Instagram.

Apple iMovie is included with all new Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs.

You can download Apple iMovie from the link below.

Download Apple iMovie  

11. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

As you can see there is no shortage of tools for creating videos on Instagram.

If you are looking to create more professional looking videos to share on your social media channels, take a look at Adobe Express (Desktop).

With Adobe Express, you can easily combine photos, videos, your logo and more.

Although Adobe Express is a professional-grade tool, it is intuitive enough, yet easy to use for creating high-quality Instagram videos.

Try Adobe Express  

12. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post - iOS

Another app from Adobe is Adobe Spark Post (Desktop).

Like Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Spark Post gives you pro-grade tools and templates you can use to create videos for Instagram.

With Spark Post, you can turn your designs into animated video posts (animated video and live photos) that you can then share on Instagram or any of your other favorite social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Adobe Spark Post is available to use on the desktop as well as on your mobile device. You can download Adobe Spark Post below.

Download Adobe Spark Post  

13. Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraph Pro - iOS

For those of you looking to create more stunning videos on Instagram, try Cinemagraph Pro (Desktop | iOS).

Cinemagraphs are a mew visual medium that blurs the lines between photography and video.

Here is an example of what a cinemagraph looks like.
Cinemagraph Pro - Example
Cinemagraphs give your business an additional type of video that you can share on Instagram.

Simply create your own cinemagraph using Cinemagraph Pro.

Once you've finished, here's how easy it is to share cinemagraphs on Instagram!

Cinemagraph Pro is a freemium app. You can download it below.

Download Cinemagraph Pro  

14. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro - Mac

If you are looking for a more robust tool for creating videos on Instagram, try Final Cut Pro (Desktop).

With Final Cut Pro, you can create professional videos for Instagram.

One thing to remember when using Final Cut to create videos for Instagram is to create a project that is 640 x 640px.

Otherwise, when you share them on Instagram, they won't look right.

One other thing to remember about using Final Cut Pro is that it's an extremely versatile tool for your business.

You can use it when creating videos on Instagram.

It also works well for videos on Facebook, YouTube and so on.

Final Cut Pro is a paid download. You can download it below.

Download Final Cut Pro  

Over to You

As you can see, there are lots of different Instagram video tools to choose from for creating videos on Instagram.

Have you tried other tools besides the ones that were mentioned?

We would love to hear which tools you are using to create Instagram videos.

Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.


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