Social Snacks Episode 33: How to Create Custom Snapcodes For Snapchat

Create custom snapcodes for Snapchat - Featured

Social Snacks Episode 33: How to Create Custom Snapcodes For Snapchat

Would you like to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat to drive your audience to your website, to sign-up for a webinar, or a custom Snapchat landing page?

Previously, if you wanted to invite your Snapchat audience to take action during your snaps, there wasn't a convenient way.

With custom snapcodes for Snapchat, now you can!

On this episode of Social Snacks, we'll teach you how to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat in less than a minute.

This way you can begin to drive more traffic from Snapchat, increase entries on your giveaways, grow your email list and so on.

Let's take a look at how easy it is to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat.

How to Create Custom Snapcodes for Snapchat


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1. Launch Snapchat

Snapchat - iOS

The first thing you'll need to do is launch the Snapchat app (iOS | Android).

2. Go to Settings > Snapcodes

Snapchat settings

Tap on the gear icon in Snapchat.

Next, tap on "Snapcodes."

3. Creating custom snapcodes

Snapchat snapcodes
To create a new Snapchat snapcode, tap on "create snapcode."

As you create more and more custom snapcodes for Snapchat, those will appear under the "my snapcodes" area.

4. Customize your Snapchat snapcodes

Create a custom snapcode

Under the "create snapcode" area, add the website URL where you want to direct people who snap your code to.

You can go back and edit your custom snapcodes for Snapchat later on.

5. Add an image to your snapcodes

Custom Snapchat snapcode

Want to personalize your snapcodes?

Tap on the image after you add your website URL to add an image to your snapcode.

Snapchat will go out to the website URL you specified and pull images or you can upload one from your devices camera roll.

6. Saving or sharing custom snapcodes for Snapchat

This is what your custom snapcodes for Snapchat will look like.
Example of Snapchat snapcodes

Once you have created your custom snapcodes for Snapchat, you can choose to "save to camera roll."

You can also share your snapcodes on your favorite social networks by taping on the "share" icon in the top-right corner.

This will let you share it on your favorite social media channels.

You can also share it on Hootsuite as well as Buffer as well.
Share Snapchat snapcodes

You've just learned how to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat.

Here is a snapcode for Snapchat that we shared on Twitter.


Over to You

As you can see, it is very easy to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat in about a minute.

When you are creating your snapcodes, be sure you think about your audience's experience.

Remember, people will be using their mobile devices to snap your codes so make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Also be sure to test your snapcodes to make sure they take people to the correct place (and that the links work).

If we can answer any additional questions that you have about how to create custom snapcodes for Snapchat, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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