10 Ways to Use Facebook Notes for Business

10 Ways to Use Facebook Notes for Business - Featured

10 Ways to Use Facebook Notes for Business

Are you currently using Facebook Notes for business?

Maybe you're just publishing very short notes to your fans.

That's a start

What if there was a more efficient way to use Notes in your business though to help you drive traffic back to your website or to the products that you sell?

Would you consider using it more in your business?

Aside from just pubishing notes directly to your Facebook Page with your random thoughts, can you think of some other ways you could be using Facebook Notes?

If this is your first time working with Facebook Notes, be sure to check out this guide on setting up Facebywoook Notes on your Facebook Page first. This way you have an understanding of what Facebook Notes can do.

In this article, you will learn about ten ways to use Facebook Notes for business.

This way you can build deeper, more meaningful engagement with your fans and drive more readers from your Facebook Page back to your website to read your content and to learn more about your products and services.


Tips on Using Facebook Notes for Business

Example of a Facebook Note

The basic purpose of Facebook Notes is that they provide you with a tool to create short notes on your Facebook Page that fans can read and engage with. Think of them like a way to blog on your Facebook Page.

But what should you be writing about?

Should you be using them to create duplicate posts that you've already written about on your website?

Let's take a look at some ideas on how you can use Facebook Notes in your business.


1. Create Blog Posts

Facebook Notes Editor

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog?

For most business owners, it can be tough to find the extra time to write.

Instead of continuing to put off blogging for your business, why not start using Facebook Notes instead?

Not only will this help get you in the habit of blogging on a consistent basis.

Anytime you create a new Facebook Note on your Facebook Page, that's new content that your fans can see and engage with.

This can help to add variety to what you're already creating and publishing on your Facebook Page. At the same time, this can help take your Facebook marketing to a whole new level for your business and anyone who is a fan of your page.

While I always prefer to publish blog posts on my own site because I own it, publishing to Facebook Notes is a great way to help you get started - even if it's on rented land. At some point, you can always move from renting to something you own.

And as you'll see below, you don't have to use it as the primary place that you publish your blog posts.

There are other creative ways to use Facebook Notes.


2. Create a Post Summary

Facebook Notes - Recap

Another ways to use Facebook Notes for business is to create a brief summary of your post.

This gives you content to publish to your Facebook Page using Facebook Notes.

Within the post though, be sure to include a line directing readers back to the full post on your own blog.


3. Create instructions

Facebook Notes Tutorials

Do you get a lot of the same questions from customers on how to perform certain actions in your business?

Rather than answer the same questions over and over, why not create a Facebook Note for each of these questions to help them?

Every time you create a new note on your Facebook Page, they get stored in the notes archive.

Each note also gets it's own URL.

To get the URL for a Facebook Note you want to share, right-click on the date and select “copy link address.”


4. Embed Facebook Notes on your blog

How to Embed Facebook Notes

Another way to use Facebook Notes is to embed them within other blog posts.

You can do this by accessing the note and clicking the dropdown on a published Facebook Note to reveal the code you'll need for your blog.

If your business already has its own blog, this can be a great way to create a blog post that incorporates a Facebook Note from your Facebook Page.

Should you go with this option, consider using the blog post to inform and the Facebook Note to engage, encouraging readers to like, comment and share it with their friends and other customers.


5. Reach out to other prominent bloggers

Tagging In Facebook Notes

When creating Facebook Notes on your Facebook Page, don't forget you can include hyperlinks and tag other pages by typing @ and their name.

Tagging Facebook Pages

If you're including this information in your notes, consider reaching out to the people you've tagged in your note to let them know they were mentioned.

You can do this over email, by mentioning them on Twitter or if you're friends with them on Facebook, through Facebook Messenger.


6. Create a note about your products and services

Facebook Notes - Products and Services

Do you sell training courses? Maybe you offer one-on-one coaching.

One way to promote these items is to create a Facebook landing page tab with Shortstack.

Another way is to create a Facebook Note with a list of your products and services.

If you have pictures, you can include those as well.

Within your note, be sure to include a hyperlink to your individual products and services that you offer on your website.

This way if a fan is interested, they'll know where they can purchase your items.


7. Use Pin to Top

Facebook Notes - Pin to Top

Pin Facebook Notes to the top of your Facebook Page for improved visibility

Once you've published Facebook Note to your Facebook Page, be sure to take advantage of the “pin to top” feature.

If you're frequently pubilshing new notes to your Facebook Page, when you use the “pin to top” feature, your notes will appear at the top of your page.

Although you can only pin one item at a time, this is a great way to keep your latest Facebook Page post or note front and center.


8. Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Facebook Notes

Facebook Ads - Campaign Objectives

Another ways to use Facebook Notes for business is to promote your Facebook Notes using Facebook Ads.

Simply create a new Facebook Ad to promote your published note.

When running a Facebook Ad to promote your note, you can take advantage of the ad targeting to target readers based on interests and other Facebook Pages that they have liked.


9. Share your notes with friends

Sharing Facebook Notes

Reach a larger audience by sharing Facebook Notes on your Facebook Profile, Page or in Facebook Groups

A nice feature of Facebook Notes is that you can you like, comment and share your notes on your Facebook Profile.

This means that instead of just having your fans see your Facebook Page notes, they can share them on their Facebook Profile as well.

When creating your notes, it's important to include hyperlinks within your Facebook Notes to related content. This can include content on your website, articles you've written on other websites or even links to products so that they can learn more about them and purchase them.


10. Create a weekly summary

Facebook Notes - Weekly Summary

One final way to use Facebook Notes for business is to create a weekly summary.

For this type of note, you simply take what you've written for the week and publish it in one Facebook Note.

For example, if you've written five posts on your own blog about a specific topic, you could create a weekly summary Facebook Note that includes the title of the post, 2–3 sentences about the post, and a link to read each of the full posts.

Alternatively, if these were published as separate Facebook Notes, you could create a Facebook Note that includes links to each of the separate Facebook Notes you've written and shared on your Facebook Page.

This way your fans and readers don't have to go searching for them.


Over To You

Facebook Notes can be a very powerful tool for businesses looking to better connect with their fans and get more eyes on their content.

I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how you can incorporate Facebook Notes in your own business.

Besides the ways I mentioned on using Facebook Notes for business, can you think of any others?

If so, I would love to hear your ideas.

Please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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