Facebook Groups Training

Facebook Groups Training

Facebook Groups Training

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Facebook Groups Training

Learn how to master Facebook Groups with this Facebook Groups training course. In this course, you will learn how to create your own Facebook Group, determine which type of Facebook Group you should use to help you meet your business goals, identify other Facebook Groups to join, develop a powerful cover photo for your Facebook Group and more.

Expand your knowledge of Facebook Groups so that you can build meaningful relationships with your current customers and learn how to nurture and foster a relationship with prospective customers.

Every business owner that is looking to grow their businesses presence on social media channels like Facebook should develop the necessary skills to effectively manage their own Facebook Group.

Whether you're managing a Facebook Group yourself or outsourcing it to your social media manager, this Facebook Groups training course will teach you how to get started using Facebook Groups. You'll also learn advanced social media tactics to help you think creatively on different ways you can use Facebook Groups in your business.

This Facebook Groups Training course is your introduction to the power of Facebook Groups.

Who this Tutorial is for:
Whether you're responsible for creating a Facebook Group, managing a group, or looking to come up with ideas on how to use groups in your business, this Facebook Groups training course provides techniques and tactics for beginners to intermediate users.

Run Time:
 Approxiamately 1 hour

Files Included: 
Facebook Groups cover photo template.


  1. Creating A Facebook Group

  2. Working With A Facebook Group Cover Photo

  3. Types of Facebook Groups

  4. Facebook Group Privacy Settings

  5. Facebook Group Membership Approvals

  6. Setting Your Facebook Group Web and Email Address

  7. Writing A Compelling Facebook Group Description

  8. Adding Facebook Group Tags

  9. Facebook Group Posting Permissions

  10. Facebook Group Post Approvals

  11. Sending Out Facebook Group Invitations

  12. Posting to A Facebook Group

  13. Adding Photos and Videos to Facebook Groups

  14. Using Ask A Question In Facebook Groups

  15. How to Add and Share Files In Facebook Groups

  16. Pinned Posts In Facebook Groups

  17. Editing a Facebook Group Post

  18. How to Delete A Facebook Group Post

  19. Managing Facebook Group Post Notifications

  20. How to Search Facebook Groups

  21. Send Facebook Group Messages

  22. How to Create Facebook Group Events

  23. How to Edit Facebook Group Events

  24. How to Edit Facebook Group Settings

  25. How to Manage Facebook Groups

  26. Advanced Tactics for Sharing Facebook Groups

  27. How to Leave A Facebook Group

  28. Working With Facebook Group Notifications

  29. Controlling Facebook Group Admin Settings

  30. How to Set Facebook Group Privacy Settings

  31. Advanced Tips For Facebook Group Membership Approvals

  32. How to Set A Facebook Group Web Address

  33. Advanced Tips on Writing A Facebook Group Description

  34. Facebook Group Posting Permissions Tips

  35. How to Manage Facebook Group Members

  36. How to Delete A Facebook Group

  37. How to Use the Facebook Groups Mobile App

  38. Facebook Groups Training Help

    In this final lessons, learn where to go to for additional help on any of the topics covered in the Lessons for Facebook Groups training course for business owners.