Social Chatter Episode 135: Snapchat Shoppable AR Lenses and New YouTube Monetization Opportunities

Social Chatter: Episode 135 - Featured

Social Chatter Episode 135: Snapchat Shoppable AR Lenses and New YouTube Monetization Opportunities

Welcome to this week's episode of Social Chatter, the longest running social media marketing talk show where we cover the latest social media news from this past week.

As a reminder, each episode of Social Chatter is available as a blog post or video.

For those of you who missed last week's show with Phil Gerbyshak and Christian Karasiewicz, you can find it here.

We're also joined by this week's special guest, Kelly Loubet Singh.

Kelly Loubet Singh

Let's see what's new in social media this week with your hosts, Christian Karasiewicz and Phil Gerbyshak.

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Snapchat Shoppable AR For Lenses

In Snapchat news, they are rolling out shoppable AR for lenses.

Why Snapchat Shoppable AR Lenses Matter For Your Business

Want to make money from your Snapchat channel?

Snapchat is introducing what they call "shoppable AR."

This is what they look like.



With shoppable augmented reality lenses, users will have three options.

First, they can tap a button and launch a webpage where they can learn about a product or sign-up.

Second, they can access a video option. This will let them watch a trailer or how-to videos.

The last way to use Snapchat shoppable AR lenses is using an install option, which can prompt users to install an app (or open it if they already have it).

As a business, you need to remember that how we interact with your website is changing. You're no longer taken to a boring sales page. Instead, it is an opportunity to delight your customers and to get them excited about a product that are looking at.

Right now, the new Snapchat shoppable AR lenses will be available for Clairol, Adidas, STX Entertainment and King. Follow their accounts on Snapchat to see how they work, as each uses a different tool for AR lenses.

To learn more about Snapchat shoppable AR click here.

YouTube Adding New Sponsorships, Monetization Tools For Creators

In YouTube news, they are working on new sponsorship and monetization tools.

Why YouTube Monetization Tools Matter For Your Business

Over the past year, YouTube has changed the requirements in order to monetize your YouTube channel.

These requirements raised the bar on the YouTube Partner Program. Now, you need 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of view times over the past year. For many, this bar is unattainable if they are just starting out.

With these new monetization tools, YouTube would be able to let creators upload their own videos and self-disclose what is in their videos. YouTube could then use algorithms to speed up the approval process.

In addition to these tools, YouTube is working on a sponsorship feature similar to Twitch.

This would let give people custom emoji along with a custom badge that they can use during YouTube Live chats.

You can learn more about these upcoming YouTube monetization tools here.

Downloading Your Instagram Data

In Instagram news, Instagram is going to let you finally download your data.

Why Downloading Your Instagram Data Matters For Your Business

It's about time. Instagram is going to let you begin to finally download your data.

While Facebook has had this feature since 2010, Instagram's tool has been missing (until now).

Instagram hasn't given a definitive timetable when the tool will arrive, but they say "you'll soon be able to download a copy of what you've shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos and messages."

You can read more about Instagram's data portability tool here.

Introducing Instagram Design

Instagram is launching a new channel to help you learn more about design and craft.

Why Instagram Design Matters For Your Business

Instagram is introducing a new channel, @Design to help you learn more about design and craft at Instagram.

This new channel from Instagram, will "go behind the scenes with emerging designers and creators at home, in their studios, and at global festivals to learn about their craft."

Not only will you learn about design, but also problem-solving, team critiques and more.

As a business, you may want to follow @Design and start learning from them.

You'll be able to pick-up design tips as well as learn what others do - you may need their services at some point.

You can read more Instagram @Design here.

Facebook Privacy Protections For Everyone

In Facebook news, Facebook is introducing new privacy experiences for users.

Why Facebook Privacy Protections Matter For Your Business

Facebook is looking to have its users take part in protecting their Facebook data, while helping to improve the experience for other users.

To do this, they are going to be promoting users to review information such as using data from partners to show you ads.

Facebook also plans to let you choose whether to share your political, religious or relationship information on your profile.

In addition, as Facebook moves into facial recognition, while they can help you quickly identify and tag someone in a photo, many people don't want their photos or videos to be scanned with this technology, so Facebook is letting you turn this feature on or off.

In addition, Facebook continues to improve letting you see the data Facebook has about you and then delete it, download it and export it for you to have.

While these are pretty sweeping changes, you have to remember, the more data you give Facebook, the more it helps them to improve the product. It's also your information, so be mindful about what you allow others access to.

You can read the announcement about complying with new privacy laws here.

Enhancements to Facebook Bookmarks

Also this week, Facebook rolled out updates to Facebook Bookmarks, making it easier to find.

Why Changes to Facebook Bookmarks Matter For Your Business

Facebook redesigned the bookmarks section in the Facebook mobile app.

It is now easier to find important Facebook settings, privacy, news feed preferences and more.

This is what the new bookmarks menu looks like.

Updates to Facebook bookmarks


As a business, you need to be able to quickly access important controls in your Facebook account.

While they haven't added any new options to the menu, the menu has a new look and many of the important controls are now at your fingertips, instead of being buried like they were before.

To get the new Facebook bookmarks menu, simply update your mobile app.

You can read more about updates to Facebook bookmarks here.


In addition to sharing the latest news from this past week, we also highlighted some great social media tools and apps for you to check out.

Apple Clips

The first tool that we have discovered this week is called Apple Clips (iOS).


Apple Clips - iOS


The Apple Clips app makes it easy for you to create selfie videos, add custom filters, emojis, animated stickers, effects, graphics and more.

As a business owner, if you create video on a consistent basis, you can use Apple Clips to turn your speeches into interactive videos.

The Clips app will automatically animate your text and add captions for you, which can save you time during the creation process.

Apple Clips is an iOS-only app. You can download it for free from the link below.

Download Apple Clips  

Word Swag

The second tool that we have for you this week is called Word Swag (iOS).


Word Swag - iOS


Word Swag makes it easy for you to add text to your photos.

Instead of paying a designer, you can quickly create your own images - complete with artistic fonts and layouts right from your mobile device.

In just seconds, you will have imagery that you can share on your social media channels or use in your blog posts.

Word Swag is available for $4.99 and will make it easy for you to quickly create beautiful images to share on your social media channels. You can download it below.

Download Word Swag  


That's it for this week's show!

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